IELTS – vocabulary

Improve your English vocabulary and score the best mark in IELTS

IELTS is a certified English test which evaluates your capacity to speak and understand the English language. In order to familiarize you with the test and its structure so as to provide you an efficient preparation, Global-Exam provides you a platform with an exhaustive set of mock tests under real exam conditions.

While taking the tests and training modules, you would realize the vastness of the English vocabulary and the need for a specific book containing all of them and hence, keeping this in mind, our team of academic experts have designed the following set of study materials mostly specifically to enrich your English vocabulary.

Following are our vocabulary sheets based on 14 different themes.

Good to know: you can sit for IELTS in any test centre, here is a list of some countries where it is possible to take the test:

For a more precise and specific revision, consult these study material at any given point of time to learn the English vocabulary by heart and use them in framing sentences while doing the training modules or taking the tests online.

We would also like on the other hand to suggest you our dedicated study material for English grammar aiming to provide you with a comprehensive and effective training to certify your IELTS level

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