Daily used English vocabulary words for Industries

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A batch

A set, group.

There’s a batch of papers on my desk.

A blueprint

An architectural plan.

The architects submitted a blueprint yesterday.

A bolt/to bolt

A fastener with nut/To attach something with a bolt.

The bolts are well fastened.

A broom

A tool used for sweeping.

Please use a broom to clean the floor.

A central heating

A system for heating a building.

There’s central heating in my building.

A completion

The fact something is finished, ended.

The completion of the project is planned for the end of the week.

A container

Something which can hold elements, items, goods.

Where is the container for the recycling?

A contractor

An entrepreneur.

The contractor will devliver the project at the end of the month.

A craftsman

An artisan.

Our invitations were designed by a craftsman.

A developer

A person who develops real estate properties.

The developer is already thinking about a new project.

A fabric

A cloth.

What fabric did you use for this piece of clothing?

A facility

A service,a unit.

What facilities does your condominium offer?

A factory/plant

A manufacturing site.

Where is your factory situated?

A failure

An unsuccessful attempt, a deficiency.

Launching the new product was a failure.

A faucet

A water tap

The faucet is leaking so we need to call a plumber.

A forklift (truck)

A truck for lifting.

All the warehouse workers are certified to use forklift trucks.

A guideline

A line drawn as a guide.

We strictly respected the guidelines.

A handle

A doorknob, what enables to open and close a door.

The door handle is broken so we can’t shut down the door.

A hard-hat/helmet

What you put on your head to protect yourself from work.

Everyone should where a hard-hat when they’re on the field.

A harm/To harm

To injure, to cause damage.

There’s no harm asking questions.

A hazard

An accident.

We don’t want any hazards to happen so we’re extra cautious.

A lack/to lack

To be short of, to run out of.

He lacks experience but he’ll be a good junior.

A ladder

A tool you have to climb on to access higher places.

The ladder is so high that it makes me scared.

A landscaper

A person who is in charge of designing landscapes, gardens.

The landscaper advised us to collect flowers before the dew.

A leak/to leak

An escaping fluid/when liquid escapes.

The faucet is leaking so we need to call a plumber.

A mechanic

A person who repairs machines.

The mechanic will have a look at our engine.

A mold (US)/mould (UK)

A shaped container.

The plastic item is built thanks to a mold.

A nationalized industry

An industry which has become public.

The main telephone provider could soon become a nationalized industry.

A part

A piece.

What part is deficient?

A pipe

A tube.

All the pipes take a lot of room.

A primary industry

An industry which is capital.

Nuclear power plants are a primary industry in France.

A provider/supplier

Someone who furnishes services/products.

Their IT provider will soon change as they haven’t been very efficient.

A roof

What covers the top of a building.

His roof is made of bricks.

A saw

To tool to cut.

They’ll use a saw to cut the tree.

A screwdriver

A tool used to tighten or make something looser.

A screwdriver is necessary to build a piece of furniture.

A secondary industry

An industry which is not as important as a primary one.

Steel is a secondary industry.

A service industry

An industry of services.

There are more and more jobs in the service industry.

A shelf (shelves plural)

A flat storage space.

There are too many books on the shelf. It’ll either break or fall.

A shift/to shift

A working time zone/to change.

He works on night shifts only.

A spare part

A replacement component.

She ordered a spare part to fix her car.

A stack/to stack

A pile/to pile up.

The stack of papers on her desk was finally sorted.

A storage

A place to stock.

The storage is very well organized in the warehouse.

A surveyor

A structural inspector.

How many surveyors will check the building?

A tank

A storage container for liquids.

My petrol tank is empty so I need to go to a gas station.

A threat/to threaten

A menace, intent to hurt/to menace.

The head of the administrative department made death threats to her.

A tool

An instrument.

What tools do you need to work in the bathroom?

A vent

Used for air or other gas.

The vent does not work properly so the room is very humid.

A warehouse

A space to store goods.

The storage is very well organized in the warehouse.

A welder

Someone who fuses metal.

The aeronautics industry needs welders.

A wire

A cable.

The wires of the house should be changed.

A wiring


All the house needs new wiring.

A workshop

A place with tools, a seminar usually about a technical issue.

They worked on their project in the workshop to have all the necessary tools they needed.

A workstation

An office cubicle or desk.

Her workstation is in the middle of the open place office.

A wrench

A tool for bolts, a violent pull.

We need a wrench to finish the work properly.

An emergency

An urgent situation.

Fixing the window is an emergency as otherwise our house will be broken into.

An output

An amount produced.

How big was their output?



Her dad works in construction.


What is not clean.

The dirt in cities partly results from pollution.


Particles of dirt.

Use a broom to remove the dust on the floor.


Done with efficiency.

They efficiently did the work so they can peacefully enjoy their holiday.


Management of the forest.

The department of forestry seriously considers the weather forecast.


Tools, metal items.

Do you have all the hardware you need?


Which causes harm or injury.

Being on the field could be harmful so please wear a helmet.


With is not dangerous.

It is not harmless to work in a plant.



What a hazardous end!



Iron is quite commonly used.


Not tight.

The bolts are too loose.


Which is an obligation.

Respecting security rules is mandatory.



There’s no more power in the factory so no one can work.


A site.

The premises of the new agency are beautiful.


The opposite of cooked, crude.

In Japanese restaurants, you can eat raw fish.

Raw materials

Unprocessed substances.

Expensive raw materials are stored in a safe.


Latex material.

Tires are made of rubber.



Safety is seriously considered in construction.



My watch is made of steel.

To be compliant with

To respect rules.

My department is compliant with European regulations.

To break down

Not to work anymore, to stop functionning.

The machine suddenly broke down.

To carry out

To do, to make.

Who carried out the project?

To comply with

To respect rules.

You should comply with the internal rules of the company.

To dent

To damage metal.

He moved too fast with the machine and dented the material.

To dig

To turn soil with a spade, to excavate.

Dig your own tomb or we’ll have to do it for you.

To dump

To discard: rubbish, trash.

We dumped everything in the bin.

To fix

To repair.

Fix my door and we’ll be safe.

To manufacture

To make, produce.

Cars are manufactured in this factory.

To mend

To repair.

You have to mend the air conditioning or it’ll be boiling hot in the building.

To operate (a machine)

To make (a machine) work.

They all learnt how to operate the new device.

To perform

To enact.

How well did you perform?

To pour

To serve liqui

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