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Our Values

Providing efficient service for users is in GlobalExam's DNA. Specifically, GlobalExam provides a service with a clear purpose: to obtain concrete, useful results.
GlobalExam's features and the platform's user experience are targeted in this direction: to facilitate learning and to support students in their quest for progress.
Having the passion to offer a learning solution that makes us proud is in GlobalExam's DNA. We are happy to employ our technological know-how to serve education, and we believe in the power of EdTech to complement traditional learning methods.
User passion is also in GlobalExam's DNA. Whether it be the hundreds of thousands of our platform's users, high school and university students, adults, job seekers, language fans, ​​or simply curious minds; or the thousands of teachers and trainers who facilitate language learning for their students with GlobalExam. Thanks to data and human exchange, our team is constantly looking for feedback, so that we can adapt our services and deploy the innovations you need.
Finally, we are passionate about our sector, our customers and the adventure we experience on a daily basis. Exhilarating and caring, the GlobalExam team draws its energy from the pleasure it finds in leading an innovative, collective project that creates meaning.

Our Missions

Promoting the employability and international mobility of young people and adults alike. Launched in January 2014, GlobalExam, a French digital start-up, has developed an innovative solution enabling language learners to prepare for and pass certificate-granting language tests by offering dematerialized training designed by specialized teachers, with a large content database and favoring real exam conditions. If you are obtaining a language certification, GlobalExam is your partner for achieving your educational and career goals.

Our Story

I am Charles-Eliott, founder of GlobalExam. I would like to personally thank you for joining our community. When I was a student at Sciences Po Lille in 2010, I had the opportunity to join the prestigious London School of Economics as part of a university exchange program. However, after failing the TOEFL twice, I had to give up on this dream and stay in France to finish my studies.
In 2014, I created GlobalExam and have since helped more than 700,000 students and professionals successfully pass their language tests. Today, it's your turn!
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