Better evaluation for better training

In the world of language training, evaluation is often treated as a secondary subject. At GlobalExam, we believe that a successful learning experience begins with a quality assessment.
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3 criteria for a successful evaluation

Reliable results
Simple usage
Clear action items for lessons

Reliable evaluation

Thanks to the technology developed by our educational and technical teams, we can guarantee that your students are evaluated under the best conditions and that their results represent their actual language level.
Question series adapted to each candidate's actual level
testing environment
Single access, timing, and verification of audio media
Personalizable evaluation settings
Choose the skills that will be evaluated, and the duration and level of test

Simple evaluation

Become a GlobalExam Administrator and learn how to manage your evaluations right from your admin area in just a few clicks.
The admin portal
Assign your students selected assessments from your administration portal in 1 click, for the date of your choice
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Usage reports
Receive the evaluation results directly in your mailbox, at the end of the test
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Useful evaluation

We design each of our evaluations to enable you to adapt, enrich and validate your training program.
Level evaluation
Facilitate your teams' work by dividing your learners into groups by their language level and automatically assigning them the correct study plan
Skills evaluation
Regularly assess your students' progress and quickly identify the points for review during later courses
Final evaluation
Check that your learners have achieved their goals and receive a complete assessment for each of your training actions

Do you want to personalize and integrate your own content into your evaluations? Do you have a specific means of determining your candidates' language levels?

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