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The HSK® (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi or Chinese Proficiency Test) is a professional Chinese language exam. It precisely measures the examinee’s language level who's first language is not Chinese.

Even if English is the primary language for international trade, Mandarin comes in right behind and sometimes takes the lead in trading between Asian countries.

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HSK® :

key information to remember

The HSK is the only standard Mandarin Chinese proficiency test for non-native speakers. It is taken as part of the application requirements for entry into a Chinese university and also to gain employment. This is an impressive qualification that can really boost your CV. There are around 200 test centres in 69 countries where you can take the test. HSK stands for Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi or Chinese Proficiency Test and became the official standard test in 1992.
There are six levels to the HSK:
  • HSK1 - able to master 150 common words and basic grammar patterns. Listening is in 4 parts and 15 minutes long. Reading is also in 4 parts and 17 minutes long. Each part in the listening is played twice. Question types include multiple choice and matching.
  • HSK2 - able to master 300 common words and related grammar patterns. Listening is 25 minutes long with 35 questions and reading is 22 minutes long with 25 questions. They both have 4 parts to them.
  • HSK3 - able to master 600 common words and related grammar patterns. This level tests listening, reading, and writing. Listening is 35 minutes long with 40 questions and reading is 30 minutes long with 30 questions. Writing is 15 minutes long and has 2 parts to it.
  • HSK4 - able to master 1200 common words and related grammar patterns. Listening is 30 minutes long with 45 questions and reading is 40 minutes long with 40 questions. Writing is is 25 minutes long and has 2 parts.
  • HSK5 - able to master 2500 common words and related grammar patterns. The test times and number of questions is the same as level 4. Many different question types are used throughout the exam.
  • HSK6 - able to master 5000 commonly used words. Listening is 35 minutes long with 50 questions and reading is 50 minutes long with 50 questions. The writing is a ‘prose’ and you have 45 minutes to do the task.
Each paper is scored out of 100. For levels 1 and 2 the total exam score is out of 200 and for levels 3-6 the total score is out of 300. You are given a score for each skill and an overall exam score. The passing score for level 1 and 2 is 120/200 and for levels 3-6 it is 180/300. The certificate is valid for 2 years.
To register for the exam you need to complete an application from with all your personal information and ID numbers.
Understanding vocabulary is key to passing the test. Nothing on the paper is in English. Therefore, being able to understand the instructions, questions, and answers is incredibly important.
Study the exam vocabulary lists and completed activities that use these lists. This is great preparation. Focus on using this vocabulary in basic grammar patterns as you may have to construct basic sentences too.
Read everything on the paper carefully and keep your focus. Being able to manage your time in these exams is also very important.
GlobalExam is equipped to help you achieve the HSK level you want. Our programme offers areas of language practice, exam skill practice, full exam practice, and being able to track your own progress, along with many tips and advices. If you are focused on studying hard and learning, we can help you. You will also find several resources on the blog, such as information about the test, testimonies, or vocabulary.