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Cambridge FCE

First Certificate in English

The FCE is a test designed and promoted by Cambridge English; it is intended to assess people at the upper intermediate level; that is, the B2 level of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). The FCE is reliable and well-recognized around the world and accepted by numerous institutions globally.

The FCE will assess you in all areas of English language ability. There are four sections: Reading and Use of English (75 minutes), Writing (80 minutes), Listening (about 40 minutes), Speaking (14 minutes per pair of candidates).

The scoring system is as follows: A, B, C (pass), D, E or U (fail). The exam is meant for assessment at Level B2 of the CEFR. However, the exam provides a reliable assessment at the level above B2 that is the C1 level and the level below B2 that is the B1 level.

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