In this category, we will talk to you about the best preparation available for the Bright Deutsch language exam. First, let’s do a quick overview of the exam to give you some background. 

Bright language exams evaluate your vocabulary, grammar and comprehension in the given language. You can sit for a Bright exam in a variety of languages. There are two parts to the Bright Deutsch: a reading component and a listening component. All of the questions are in multiple choice format. Each evaluation is composed of 60 questions and takes around half an hour to do. That means you have 120 questions in total, and it will take you about one hour to complete. Your results from the exam are scored on a five-point scale: 0 (novice) to 5 (bilingual). 


The BRIGHT Deutsch Reading Section

What's in the Reading Section? The Bright test is an international language test for testing prospective employees or students from around [...]

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