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What are the instructions for the Listening section?

The Bright German test is a language test for testing potential employees or students from around the globe. The BRIGHT Deutsch exam can be completed online and lasts about 1 hour. The Bright Test can be conducted in German and a variety of other languages including English, French, Spanish and Italian.

Note that this test also has a reading section.

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What is the aim of the German listening test?

The Bright German Listening section will assess how well you understand main ideas, attitudes and specific details in a recording of a spoken sentence in German language. The test will assess your level of vocabulary, grammar and listening comprehension in German.


What’s the structure and timing of the listening test?

For the listening section of the Bright test you will be listening to audio recordings of speakers making sentences in German.  They could relate to a variety of different situations that might occur in a work or social setting. You need to select the correct answer from the multiple choice options provided.

The German listening test lasts 30 minutes and there are 60 questions. The reading test runs for the same time with the same amount of questions.

What are the listening questions like?

An example of a question on the German listening test might be similar to the examples given below.

You will hear someone speaking in German about gifts and then you need to choose from 3 possible answers to show your understanding.

Example answers to choose from might be:

A. Ich habe ihr gesagt, dass es geht.

B. Ich habe ihr gesagt, dass es nicht geht.

C. Ich habe ihr gesagt, dass es vielleicht geht.

Another example might be someone talking about salaries and bonuses and you would need to choose from these 3 possible answers.

A. In den Zahlen sind das Grundgehalt und der Bonus enthalten.

B. Das Grundgehalt und der Bonus sind in den Zahlen nicht enthalten.

C. Die Zahlen berücksichtigen nur den jährlich ausgezahlten Bonus.

Answer the questions and move onto the next one without delay as you have a time limit.

When do you get the results?

You will find out your score right after you finish the test.  The scores range from 0 to 5 with 5 being the highest. The results report comes in the form of a Pdf document.

What are some suggestions to do well in the Bright Listening test?

As with all tests, it makes sense to get plenty of sleep the night before to ensure you are thinking straight. Whilst listening, try and imagine what the situation is that the speaker is talking about as it will help you to focus. Is it happening in a restaurant, at work or at home?  Listen very carefully because each section of the recording is only played once!

Don’t worry if there are some words you don’t understand – try to listen to key words that help you understand the general meaning of what is being said.

In the weeks and months before the test get plenty of listening practise by listening to audio of German speakers in workplace situations.  You can also try some online German language listening tests and exercises. If you can’t find any Bright exam listening samples then other tests such as Linguaskill (Bulats) might also be useful to practise with. The main thing is to get as much German listening practise as possible. Your brain will naturally begin to notice patterns and become more accustomed to native level speech.

A general German course covering grammar, vocabulary, oral communication and listening would also be useful.  If you are able to have 1 to 1 classes with a German language tutor, this would have obvious benefits. You can ask your tutor to specifically tailor the lessons for the Bright German Test.


Can GlobalExam help me to prepare for the Bright German test?

GlobalExam can definitely help you prepare for the Bright German Test. It is an online platform dedicated to test preparation in real exam conditions. Language experts regularly write new content to deliver effective training and plenty of practice opportunities. The site is very interactive – you can do exercises for the Bright exam and get immediate feedback. You also have the chance to do full mock exams under timed conditions – just like in the real Bright language test.  You can review your results in the statistics section to check your progress.  You can then improve any weak areas with the help of our vocabulary and grammar study sheets!  Don’t waste any time. Sign up for the free trial version today and you’ll have more time to prepare for the Bright German exam.