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Bright Deutsch® :

key information to remember

The Bright German language test is a way of scoring the proficiency of people who work. It is aimed at national and multinational companies, and also used in the recruitment of new staff. It is used all over the world and some companies will accept it as a certificate of proficiency. It is well received in Europe.
Though the exam is testing your knowledge of the German language, the questions can be translated into your own language. Question translation is available in 14 different languages.
The test is in two parts and focuses on listening and speaking skills. You will take an oral or speaking exam and complete a written paper. The writing paper is grammar focused. Each part of the exam has 60 questions, so that’s 120 questions in total. This is also a fast exam. The time limit is 45 minutes to an hour. Preparation is key!
The exam questions are multiple choice and many people find these easier. Just remember to practice those exam skills, especially with the strict time limit!
The good news is the scoring is computerised and instant. As soon as you finish the test, you will know the outcome! That’s really great! The exam is scored from 0 (which is beginner) to 5 (which is proficient).
The test practice system created by GlobalExam will really help you prepare for this test. You can access to over 15 hours of training exercises, 3 full practice exams that can be taken under exam conditions (this is really helpful in your training towards the test date), grammar and vocabulary to practice your German, and the ability to analyse you progress. All of these things can help you succeed. It is also accessible on any device so you can study as you go.