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What is the LanguageCert B2?

LanguageCert B2 Communicator is a language exam that assesses and certifies candidates’ English skills. This certificate can be used to prove an advanced level of English in order to boost your career or academic journey (entry or award criteria for a degree). LanguageCert B2 allows you to obtain two different certificates, written and spoken, which can be taken together or separately. The LanguageCert B2 test can be taken on paper at an examination centre, or online.

Key information

LanguageCert B2

Total duration: 3h

Evaluates your listening, reading, speaking and writing skills

Certification valid for life

Scored out of 200 points

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LanguageCert B2: don't forget!

It is important to start by understanding and evaluating your score.

Scoring is shown below in the table.

International ESOL Section

Maximum Score

Total Maximum Score








Grades are awarded with the following designations: High Pass, Pass or Fail.


High Pass

101-150 points


75-100 points


0-74 points

The questions for Listening and Reading sections, and the 2 tasks of the Writing section are of equivalent value. A Pass Score is at least 50% overall in all sections.

Basically, to pass any language exam, you need to practice the skills that are on the exam and practice them a lot.

Since LanguageCERT is aligned with the CEFR levels, take some time and read the descriptions of each level. Look at the information on the CEFR website. It will help you figure out what you need to do to study.

The table below gives you a quick overview of the CEFR:


You can understand easily pretty much everything heard or read. You can summarize information from different sources, reconstructing ideas and accounts in a coherent presentation. You are able to express yourself very fluently and precisely.


You can understand a wide range of longer texts, and recognize implicit meanings. You are able to express yourself fluently and without a lot of effort. You are flexible in your language use. You produce well-structured, detailed text on complex subjects.


You can understand the main ideas of complex reading on both concrete and abstract topics. You are able to interact with a degree of fluency, making regular interaction with native speakers possible. You are able to produce clear, detailed text on different subjects and explain a viewpoint well.


You can understand the main points of standard readings on familiar matters that you encounter at work, school, or daily life. You can handle most situations likely to arise in common situations. You are able to produce simple text on topics which are familiar or of personal interest and describe experiences.


You can understand sentences and frequently used expressions related to very basic personal and family information, shopping, local geography, etc. You are able to communicate in simple and routine tasks that require simple and direct exchanges of information.


You can understand and use familiar everyday expressions. You can use very basic phrases that deal with basic needs. You can introduce yourself and others and can ask and answer questions about personal details such as where a person lives, age, etc. You are able to interact in a basic manner if the other speaker speaks slowly and clearly.

To register, create an account on the LanguageCERT website.

Online Exams

Online exams are available for CEFR B1-C2 levels and for test-takers who are aged 16 or over.

You are able to get support from a real person, live online if you have any questions or problems during registration.

You will need the following in order to register:

  • Passport or National photo ID
  • Reliable internet connection
  • Computer or laptop with camera, microphone and headset

Basically, all you need to do is book and schedule your exam online. You will receive an email with some easy to follow instructions and install the required software, which is compatible with both Windows and Mac.

Also, you will meet (online) the person who is going to walk you through your exam.

Test Centers

Online proctored exams are available only at official LanguageCert test centres.

What are the fees?

The table shows the fees for the different levels of exams of LanguageCert.

Fee (US Dollars)

CEFR Level









Receiving your results

You will receive a Statement of Results (SoR) that will be uploaded to your LanguageCERT account.

There are two separate SoRs. One is provided for the Written Exam (Listening, Reading, and Writing) and one for the Spoken Exam (Speaking).

The SoR contains the following information:

  • Your exam level
  • Overall achievement (High Pass, Pass or Fail)
  • Numerical results per skill

Certificates are awarded if you pass your exam.

You can email your results directly from your LanguageCert account to any institution or government agency for instant review. You can download a copy of your results and send them as an attachment or as a printed copy as part of an application process.


LanguageCERT offers a Results Verification Service should a school or government agency require proof of your results.

To start, you should take a look at the official preparation materials on the LanguageCERT website.

You will find webinars, practice tests and other useful items.

Nowadays, most language textbooks are aligned with the CEFR levels. Therefore, if you want to prepare for the LanguageCERT B1 exam, then find a book that indicates it’s for the B1 level. If you want to prepare for the C1 LanguageCERT exam, then find a book that is intended for the C1 level. This is what’s great about LanguageCERT exams matching the CEFR levels; it becomes super easy to find study materials. 

Oh yeah, don’t be afraid to ask the staff at your local library for help finding books. You can also refer to sources online such as vidéos or any handy websites on LanguageCERT exams.

Here are a few useful suggestions on how to do well on LanguageCERT.

Tip #1 Make a plan

You need to plan what you want to do. Which exam are you going to do first and how are you going to prepare? Don’t just go online and book an exam without learning about the details of the content first or doing a practice exam. Even if your English skills are good, you should plan some study sessions and practice.

Tip #2 Be clear on your goals

Why do you want to take the exam? What do you hope to achieve? Thinking of your goals will help you select which exam or exams you need and motivate you to do well. Never sit for a language exam without being clear on what outcomes you desire.

Tip #3 A quiet place

You will need to be distraction free during the exam if you plan on taking it online. Find a quiet place that is distraction free. Also, remember to turn-off your mobile and don’t keep your social media open during the exam. For standard exams at a test centre these issues are not a problem, but if you plan on taking LanguageCERT online at home or work, then you need to plan for it.

Tip #4 The right level

Select the right level of exam for you and your needs. Don’t decide to try the C2 level exam if you are at the B1 level and only require proof of B1 level abilities. It’s not like some different level in a game. You won’t do well if you try for a level that is too difficult for you. Conversely, if you are at a C1 level already, there’s not a lot of point in sitting for the B1 level exam. You could probably pass the B2 or C1 level, so try it.

An excellent way to get ready for a language exam is with us at GlobalExam. Language exams are what we are about. Our staff are terrific and keep informed of recent developments in language exams. 

Then there’s our platform, which is enjoyable to use, looks great and is an affordable training alternative. 

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