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Over 2 millions Learners have already accomplished
their goals, now it's your turn

LanguageCert LTE

13 key information to remember

LTE stands for LanguageCert Test of English, and it is the world’s most trusted language certificate. It determines the student’s language skills and proficiency. The best part? You can take it from the comfort of your own home.

The LanguageCert was conducted by PeopleCert, which is a global leader in the certification of professional skills industry. It has conducted millions of exams in over 200 countries.

During the exam, you will be monitored online and live with an award-winning technology that the PeopleCert group manages. No worries, it is completely safe and 100% reliable. You can also choose to take the exam in a test center. It is up to you.

The Language Test of English qualification is intended for:

  • Non-native English speakers need to obtain a global-recognized certification to prove their English proficiency. It consists of:
  • Mastering the language,
  • Providing employers proof of their English level.
  • Undertaking a course of study at an English-speaking university and providing proof of their English proficiency.
  • Employers need to identify their applicants’ English levels.
  • Universities and colleges need to establish the English level of students and evaluate their ability to follow a course of study. 

Imagine being offered a great job position in a country that you can’t speak the language of? English is the solution, always. 

However, you can be an expert in this language, even if you are not a native speaker, but how would they know? What guarantees your skills? 

Unless you have a BA in the English language, nothing will prove your proficiency better than the LanguageCert LTE certificate. As we mentioned before, it’s internationally recognized and even necessary to apply for roles in other countries. 

Briefly, if you want to succeed in your career and work with international companies, we recommend getting this certificate to double your chances.

Did you know that LanguageCert combines two types of exams? 

Yes, LanguageCert LTE and LanguageCert ESOL. There are many differences between the two exams, and these are the main ones:

LanguageCert ESOL

LanguageCert LTE

Consists of 2 exams (one oral, one written).

1 written exam only.

Each of these exams has only one test.

The exam consists of 3 tests: Listening and Reading (level A1 to B1), Listening and Reading (level A1 to C2), and Writing (level A1 to C2).

Evaluate only one level at a time according to the candidate's choice.

Evaluate all levels (A1 to C2) in the same exam.

Requires a score of at least 50% to pass the exam.

It is impossible to miss the exam; it allows you to know your level of English, from level A1 to C2.

Test your current level of English.

Tests your general English level, and also on specific topics (for example, for business).

Before signing yourself up, it’s necessary to be aware of the structure of the test to know exactly what to expect. So basically, the LanguageCert test of English consists of four parts: Oral comprehension, oral expression, written comprehension, and written expression. 

The structure of each part:

  • The oral comprehension includes four exercises, 26 questions: Each question is presented differently among an MCQ and questions without a suggested answer. The mediums used in this part of LanguageCert are conversations, single sentences, and monologues.
  • The reading comprehension includes four exercises, 26 questions: Each question is presented differently among multiple-choice, blank texts, associations, and comprehension questions. The type of support used in this part is short and mid-length texts on the same subject.
  • The written expression includes 2 exercises: Namely two questions from an essay as well as a letter to write on a given subject.

The speaking part includes 4 exercises: These different exercises aim to express yourself in English.

The candidate’s overall result of the LanguageCert LTE is evaluated by measuring their ability to read and listen. Then, the candidate will receive a score on a scale from 0-100, which also translates into an English language level. 

The test scale is aligned to six levels (A1 - C2) as it sets out in the CEFR (the Common European Framework of Reference). 

All the test-takers will get a Statement of Results that states their overall score and the CEFR level. They also receive a score for performance in the Listening and Reading Tests. 

LanguageCert LTE Scaled Score

Scaled Score

Scaled Score CEFR

0 – 9

Below A1

10 – 19


20 – 39


40 – 59


60 – 74


75 – 89


90 – 100


The candidate needs to pass a test consisting of a variety of authentic tasks to evaluate the reading and listening skills, vocabulary knowledge, and awareness of lexico-grammatical structure. 

  • To pass the listening test, you will be required to listen to a few spoken materials, including dialogues, long conversations, talks, or interviews. Its main goal is to evaluate your ability to understand real-life and work-related conversations.
  • To pass the reading test, you will be required to read short and long texts on real-life or work-related topics. The main goal is to see if you can understand the purpose of the test, look for a specific piece of information or a line of argument.

Can someone fail the test?

No, LanguageCert LTE tests are not passing or failing tests. The test results only indicate proficiency levels in Listening, Reading, and Writing in English.

It’s very easy! The registration process for the LanguageCert can be tailored depending on the needs of each candidate. You can schedule the exam up to four hours before and reschedule it when needed. It’s that flexible and simple. 

Next, you will need to download the software for the exam - you will be provided with a step-by-step guide. Find a quiet place where you can’t be distracted or disturbed, turn off your phone, and you are all set to do the test. 

You will receive the results of the tests in 2-3 business days. 

Can you take the exam remotely?

There are two different ways you can take the LanguageCert exams: Online or at a test center. 

If you choose to take the exam remotely, know that LanguageCert managed to help all candidates to take any language exam online whenever they want. You don’t have to travel or deal with the stress of passing an exam in an unsettling environment. And obviously, there is no greater place to take any exam than your own home. Just make sure you have a computer, camera, headphones, and reliable internet connection.

This is the best part: The LTE certificates never expire. You can rely on this diploma to help your career for as long as you need it. 

However, it is best to check whether there are any specific requirements from receiving organizations. 

When will the LanguageCert LTE Certificate Be Available?

  • Certificate of Achievement & e-certificate would be available in 2-3 business days.
  • Results will be sent to you by email directly or to the Test Centre where you took the exam.
  • Digital badges would be available on the same day as the results. They will be sent to you by email.

Hard-copy certificates would be sent either to the Test Center or to you shortly after results are released.

You will find in the below table all prices per section of the test:



A1 Speaking and Listening


A2 Speaking and Listening


B1 Speaking and Listening


B1 Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking


B2 Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking


C1 Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking


C2 Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking


A2 Access


B1 Achiever


B2 Communicator


C1 Expert


C2 Mastery


A1-C2 Listening & Reading


 LanguageCert LTE Writing Section Task 1 Exemple 1: 

Writing: Task 1


We are living in a modern world. We totally depend on technology. So a world without technology seems difficult to imagine.

Can you live without new technology and:

- Without your phone?
- Without the internet?
- Without the progress of science?
- Without modern transportation?

Write about 200 words.

 LanguageCert LTE Writing Section Task 1 Exemple 2: 

Writing: Task 2


You are enjoying your summer holidays.

You write a postcard to your friend and you tell him/her everything about your holidays:

- The people that are with you
- The food you ate
- The activities you are doing

Write about 50 words.

Before you book the exam, we want to you read the following tips carefully as they will help you get a higher score:

  • Set a clear goal in front of you because it’s important to evaluate your level reasonably.
  • Give yourself a lot of time to prepare for the exam and invest in extra sources.
  • Enjoy the training as much as possible, and always challenge yourself for higher scores.
  • It’s important to know what to expect about the test, the structure, the topics, etc.
  • ALWAYS research the test regulations days before the exam to free your mind on test day.
  • Do NOT skip any questions. 
  • Understand the CB adaptive test platform, practice in it, and learn how it can support you when needed.
  • Don’t panic when you can’t think of an answer. Instead, take a deep breath and look for the context clues.
  • Keep an eye on the time, and try not to waste too much of it on one question.
  • If you are doing the adaptive CB test, read the ‘LTOE guide for candidates’ and learn about all the steps from start to finish.
  • Don’t forget to take advantage of websites and mass media to improve your English. Write, read, and listen on a daily basis!
  • And finally, manage your stress on test day to help you perform better.

Preparing for the LanguageCert test on your own can be enough, but how about making it easy and 100% efficient?

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