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The TOEIC Bridge® is the ‘little brother’ of the TOEIC®, adapted for beginner and intermediate levels. The test evaluates your level of everyday English use, in a professional context.

At a level lower than the TOEIC®, the test is still a reliable way to certify your level.

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TOEIC Bridge® :

key information to remember

The TOEIC Bridge is an English language proficiency test focusing on learners between beginner and intermediate language ability. It is a recognised certificate around the world. This exam focuses on receptive skills only.
This exam focuses on listening and reading and you have 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete it. There are 100 questions in total.
The listening paper is 25 minutes long and in 3 parts. You will answer a total of 50 questions.
  • Part 1: photographs - 15 questions
  • Part 2: question-response - 20 questions
  • Part 3: short conversation and short talks - 15 questions
The reading paper is 35 minutes long and has 2 parts. You will answer a total of 50 questions.
  • Part 4: incomplete sentence - 30 questions
  • Part 5: reading comprehension - 20 questions
This isn’t a pass or fail test. You will be given a score to show your proficiency at the time you are taking it. You will receive a score for reading, listening, and an overall score. The certificate is only valid for 2 years, as language ability changes over time. You can download the ‘Can Do’ summary for the exam and it explains, in detail, the scoring for each statement.
Needing help and support to achieve an exam score is normal practice. Here at GlobalExam we can help you. Our online programme is designed for test takers to practice exam skills and continue to develop their language ability. We have areas for English grammar and vocabulary practice, exam skill practice, an area for you to complete a full test under exam conditions, and we help you track your progress the whole time.