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The Cambridge B2 First® (or FCE) is an English exam for professional or academic settings. It evaluates your level of written and spoken language to certify that you can adapt to an English-speaking environment.

This certificate is recognized internationally and is one of the most popular language evaluations in the world.

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B2 First® :

key information to remember

Cambridge First Certificate English or FCE is one of the most popular language exams from Cambridge English. It is accepted by many business and education institutions worldwide. This qualification proves that your level of English language ability is good enough to live and work independently. This is a huge achievement for anyone to attain to. In 2019, the exam was renamed B2 First.
The exam tests 5 skill areas. They are reading, use of English, speaking, listening, and writing. Reading and use of English are a combined exam. The total test time is around 3.5 hours.
  • Reading and Use of English - there are 7 parts to this exam with a total of 52 questions. You have 1 hour and 15 minutes to complete this paper. It tests your ability to read and understand different types of texts, and how well you can control your use of grammar and vocabulary.
  • Writing - there are 2 parts to this paper and you have an hour and 20 minutes to complete both tasks. The test requires you to write two different types of writing, such as a report, email, letter etc
  • Listening - this test has 4 parts with a total time of 40 minutes to complete it. There are 30 questions in this paper. You are tested on your ability to listen and understand a range of spoken materials, such as informal chats, a lecture, an academic conversation etc.
  • Speaking - this oral test has 4 parts and lasts for 14 minutes in total. This is a test of your ability to communicate in a face-to-face situation. This test could also be with other candidates.
This test scores at B2 level and range on the Cambridge English Scale. Depending on your score you will receive a statement of results and (maybe) a certificate.

Cambridge Scale Score Grade CEFR
180-190 Grade A C1
173-179 Grade B B2
160-172 Grade C B2
160-172 Grade B1 B1
The registration process is actually easy enough to follow. You just need to make sure you have everything on hand before you start. Unlike other tests, you register for B2 First with an individual exam centre. They all have slightly different processes but the basic requirements are the same. You need to complete an application form with all your personal details, choose and exam date, give a copy of you ID (must be available on test date), and pay the exam fee. Take your time and be careful to make sure the details are correct.
You can take B2 First in many countries around the world, from Ireland to Belgium, to Canada, to Germany, UK, Netherlands or Switzerland. These are usually language training centres or colleges/universities that run the exam.
You need to practice both your exam skills and English language skills as much as possible before the test. You should also look at a variety of study materials, talk to people who have taken and/or passed the test, get someone to practice with you, and maybe take a class or complete some online study.
GlobalExam is a provider that can help you succeed in your goal. We have a range of learning materials available to help you study for B2 First. Our online system has areas for test skill development, language practice with a focus on grammar and vocabulary, timed exam practice, and the ability to track your own progress. We also have a blog on our website to full of articles to help you find the exam information you need.