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Cambridge FCE Test centres in the Netherlands

If you plan to take the Cambridge First Certificate Exam (FCE), or Cambridge: B2 First as it is now known, in the Netherlands then it should be easy to find an examination centre near you. The centres all well-distributed across the country, with the British Council providing exam dates in many areas.

Note that you can take the test in the country of your choice. We have written other articles to help you locate test centres in UK but also FCE exam centers in Wales country, Germany, Switzerland and especially test centers in Bern, Ireland, Canada, and Belgium.

Remember to prepare for the FCE test before taking it.

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In the Friesland area you can take B2 First at the British Council venue in Leeuwarden, which is in Stenden Hogeschool, or the NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences.


If you are in Gelderland, contact Zwiers Language & Exam Centre which offers the full range of Cambridge Exams. The British Council also offers exam dates in Arhem and Zwolle.

Noord Brabant

For those located in the Noord Brabant region, the British Council in Eindhoven is the only exam venue available, although they have multiple exam dates for the June session.

Noord Holland

The British Council in Amsterdam offers several June exam dates and the registration deadline is two months in advance. In Amsterdam there is also the option of taking the computer or paper-based exam at the British Language Training Centre. BLTC claim to be able to ensure that candidates can sit the speaking exam and the written exams on the same day. They offer the full range of exam dates.
In Alkmaar, Horizon College offers summer exam dates with a registration deadline two months in advance of the exam. Candidates are informed of the day of their speaking exam once their place has been confirmed.


In the province of Overijssel, you can take the computer or paper-based exam at KPZ Exams Centre. They offer two exam dates in June and others throughout the year. The registration date is three weeks before the exam and the speaking test is usually on a fixed day before the written papers.


The British Council in Utrecht maintains a regular exam schedule with dates during the spring and summer months. Be aware that the registration deadline is often two months in advance of the exam and that the speaking test may take place two days before or after the written papers.


Lucky candidates in the Zeeland area can register with the British Council Zeeland/Vissingen centre to take the computer or paper-based exam in April, and they have also announced a date for June. Registration deadlines are approximately three weeks before the exam.

Zuid Holland

In Rotterdam you have two options, the British Council Rotterdam and CBE Languages. CBE Languages is an independently-run school which runs open exams for individuals. Meanwhile the British Council Rotterdam has already announced its June exam dates, with the speaking tests occurring during a three-day window before or after the written exam.

If you are in The Hague, your first stop for exam registration should be the British Council which has an early exam date in May.

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