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Test Centres in Switzerland

There are Cambridge English Exams Centres in many areas of scenic Switzerland and candidates often have the choice of the computer or paper-based exam, making the country an ideal place to take the FCE/B2 First exam.

Note that you can take the test in the country of your choice. We have written other articles to help you locate test centres in UK but also FCE exam centers in Wales country, Germany, Ireland, Canada, Belgium, and Netherlands. For more information on the registration process, you can read our article “How to register for Cambridge FCE?“.

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In the region of Aargau, which also covers Baden, you can take FCE with the Cambridge English Exams Centre. There are two December dates for the paper-based exam, with the speaking test taking place a few days before.

Basel (Jura)

The Cambridge English Exams Centre in Basel, just by the River Rhine, offers regular exam dates. You are advised of the possible dates for the speaking exam at the time of booking and you can choose from the paper or computer-based exam.

Graubünden (Chur)

Swiss Exams schedules computer-based exam dates in Chur once a month. The booking system indicates the day of the speaking exam when you are registering and this is often takes place before the written papers.


In Bern there is a Cambridge English Exams Platinum Centre, which guarantees you will get service of the highest quality. The centre offers paper and computer-based exam dates in August, September, October, November and December. The speaking tests is often on the same day as the written papers. The centre is near Bern´s train station, however be aware that there are also December exams scheduled in Neuchâtel and Thun. If you wish to know more about test centers in Bern, we have written an article for you.


Geneva has a Platinum Cambridge English Authorised Exams Centre for the Geneva & Vaud West-Lausanne region. They offer a full schedule for the computer and paper-based exams and you are advised of the possible dates for the speaking test at the time of booking.


The Luzern and Bern exams are administrated from the same centralised office, however the Luzern centre offers exams in Luzern, Nottwil/Sursee, Schywz and Zug. Most of these exams are in December although there are August dates available too. It is possible to choose your speaking partner.
FREI’S Schulen AG has also just started to offer the paper-based as well as the computer-based exam and schedules exam dates throughout the year. You are also informed of specific dates for the speaking exam at the time of booking and the option to choose your speaking partner.

St Gallen

In St Gallen there is a Cambridge English Languages (CEL) Platinum Centre which offers the computer and paper-based exams for all exam dates. They also schedule exams for other venues such as Romanshorn and Buchs.


In Ticino, the Centro d’esami Cambridge English SUPSI holds computer and paper-based exams with exams dates in June, September and December. Exams are generally on Saturdays.

Vaud and Valais

The Cambridge English Exams Centre Vaud East also covers the area of Valais and offers exams at several venues including Sion, Sierre, Brig and La Tour de Peilz. The speaking exam will either take place before or on the day of the written tests.

Cambridge English Examinations Vaud West also administrates exams in Geneva. Both venues offer the computer and paper-based exams and there are also exams on Saturdays. You need to register a month in advance and the booking system indicates the possible dates for the speaking exam, which are sometimes the same day as the other tests.

H2: Zurich

Swiss Exams has two exam centres in Zurich, one of which is a Platinum Centre. This means the centre has been officially recognised by Cambridge English Assessment as a high-quality exam provider. The centres offer both the computer and paper-based exams and their website indicates before booking when your speaking exam will take place. The exams are mostly paper-based, although the computer-based exam is available in Sierre.

Flying Teachers has several branches in Switzerland and abroad, their Zurich centre offers regular FCE exam dates.

How can GlobalExam help me to prepare for FCE/B2 First?

In many of the centres in Switzerland you have the option to choose your speaking partner for the speaking exam, if you happen to know someone who is registering for the same exam as you. But in most cases, you will not meet your speaking partner until the day of the exam and your speaking skills will not necessarily be matched. This means you must know the format of the speaking exam and develop some strategies to deal with a speaking partner who says very little, or a partner who tends to dominate. The phrases and the model answers in the section of the GlobalExam platform dedicated to preparation for the FCE test will help you to do this so you can impress the examiner with your conversation skills and get a good score. You can access many training materials, such as tips for your training, or even vocabulary and grammar study sheets.

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