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Bright Español is a determining factor for a large number of multinational businesses in the hiring process. It can also be used in schools or to simply evaluate your own level of Spanish.

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Bright Español® :

key information to remember

The Bright Español Test determines a person’s skill level in Spanish. It is not a language course; it certifies language skills. With precise results, you can record the evolution of your level after a training or study experience. This test is considered a tool of linguistic reference for a large number of multinational businesses for the hiring process. It can also be used in schools or for personal reasons to evaluate your own level. As you may have already noted, this test is requested frequently in the professional world and is useful for all sectors such as trade for example.
The BRIGHT Spanish exam is a test of your language understanding and use. It is used by many companies as a way to check the communication ability of their staff, as training, and also in HR for recruitment. It is a proficiency test in that there is no pass or fail, just a score is awarded based on your ability. The test focuses on testing you grammar and oral skills.
The exam is only short in comparison to other language exams out there. It lasts between 45 to 60 minutes and you only have two sections to complete. Each section contains 60 questions and these can range from multiple choice to sentence completion. The first section is grammar and structures and the second is oral communication.
You will receive your score at the end of the exam. There is no waiting period. You will be given a score for grammar and structures, a score for oral communication, and an overall test score. They also also aligned to the CEFR for reference. The scoring is from 0-5, where 0 is beginners and 5 is advanced.
As BRIGHT exam are not a popular as some of the other big names language tests finding enough study material might be hard. GlobalExam can help with this. Our programme has study materials and support for a range of exams and BRIGHT are one of those. Studying with us means you gain access to activities to continue developing your Spanish language ability, exam skill practice, progress tracking, and the ability to take a full exam under exam conditions. All of this, with time and dedication should get you the results you want.