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What is the Bright Español?

Bright Español is one of the 11 language tests, administered by Bright Language. It is a linguistic reference tool, mainly used in the professional realm and university to recruit employees and students for major institutions and Spanish-speaking companies. The Bright Español test helps determining the level of skills of the Spanish language of a candidate. It is not a training but an exam which leads to a competency certificate. The results of Bright Español are precise, which allows candidates to perceive the real degree of their Spanish level, following an education experience or a course. This test is considered as a linguistic reference tool for a large number of multinationals, in terms of recruitment processes. Bright Español can also be used to obtain a place in certain schools or universities abroad, to make your immigration dossier all the more attractive, but also for personal purposes, to assess your own level. This test is therefore very popular in the professional realm, in almost all sectors but mainly in the fields of trade and finance.

Key information

Bright Español

Total duration: 1h

Assesses oral and written comprehension

Certification valid for 2 years

Scored out of 5 points

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Bright Español: don't forget!

Bright Español lasts approximately 1 hour and is made up of 120 questions overall, divided into 2 equivalent sections of 60 questions each. The first part of the test assesses the written comprehension of the language, while the second section allows to test the oral comprehension of the candidate in Spanish. Most of the questions asked in the Bright tests relate to topics to do with the professional realm such as trade, business communication or travel.

Part 1 : Bright Reading This first section of Bright Español involves assessing your grammatical, lexical, semantic and syntactic skills.. It is made up of 60 multiple choice questions. For each question, you must choose the correct answer from 4 propositions. This first part should last approximately 30 minutes.
Here are the types of questions which are likely to be asked in Bright Reading:

Example 1

“____ siempre me han tratado bien. No voy a irme a otra empresa.”

You must complete the sentence with one of these 4 propositions:

  • A. bastante
  • B. aquí
  • C. sí
  • D. pronto

Right answer: (B)

Example 2

“Yo empecé a trabajar _____ mis compañeros universitarios.”

You need to choose among:

  • A. con
  • B. a
  • C. de
  • D. desde

Right answer: (A)

Example 3

“Necesito ______ libro, ya he terminado todos los que tenía en la estantería.”

Choose the correct answer:

  • A. cierto
  • B. mismo
  • C. variado
  • D. otro

Right answer: (D)

Part 2 : Bright Listening
In this second part of the exam, the candidate gets his capacity to understand oral Spanish assessed. The candidate listens to sentences, accompanied by a question with 3 propositions to answer from. This part also lasts approximately 30 minutes with a total of 60 questions. To help you better understand this test, here are a few examples from the GlobalExam training platform:

Example 1

You will hear: ”El tren tiene camas porque viaja durante la noche.”

You need to choose between:

  • A. Como viaja por la noche, el tren tiene camas.
  • B. Aunque viaja por la noche, el tren no tiene camas.
  • C. Los trenes que viajan por la noche suelen tener camas.

Right answer: (A)

Example 2

You will hear: “Siempre que quieras puedes contar conmigo.”

You need to choose from:

  • A. Te ayudaré siempre que lo necesites.
  • B. Te ayudaré cuando tú me hayas demostrado que lo mereces.
  • C. Espero que me ayudes cuando lo necesite.

Right answer: (A)

Example 3

You will hear: “El cambio del tipo de consumidor hace reflexionar al sector sobre si el surtido que ofrecen es el adecuado, o debe adaptarse.”

You need to choose one of these 3 suggestions:

  • A. El sector ha cambiado, por lo tanto también lo hará el tipo de consumidor.
  • B. El sector reflexiona cambiar debido al cambio del tipo de consumidor.
  • C. El sector ya ha cambiado debido al cambio del tipo de consumidor.

Right answer: (B)

How is the Bright Español score calculated?
The score obtained on the Bright Español varies from 0 to 5.

The result 0 corresponds to a beginner level and 5 corresponds to a bilingual level. One of the great advantages of the Bright Español test is that its score is in keeping with the language levels A1 to C2 established by the CEFR. The result obtained can be easily interpreted and understood. Moreover, this equivalence is specified on the result report, which one receives at the end of the test.
To help things be even more clear, here is an equivalence table between the Bright results and the official CEFR levels.

To help you see more clearly, here is an equivalence table between the Bright results and the official CEFR levels:

CECRL scale level Translation Bright Español score
Level A1 (CECRL) Beginner 0
Level A2 (CECRL) Intermediate 1
Level B1 (CECRL) Intermediate 2
Level B2 (CECRL) Advanced 3
Level C1 (CECRL) Self-sufficient 4
Level C2 (CECRL) Proficiency 5

In terms of a professional objective, for example a recruitment or evolution of position, obtaining the B1 level (equivalent to score 2) is a minimum. This score can lead to opportunities like business in international communication. For engineers, managers or lawyer positions, a minimum score of 3 in Bright Español is required. If your objectives require a perfect command over the language, you should rather aim for a 4 or 5 with your score.

How to stack all the odds on your side to get a good score on Bright Español?

You want to know how to get a good score on Bright Español? Even if you are naturally good at the language, the key to success lies in preparing for the test. Therefore, it is very important to prepare a revision schedule several weeks, or even several months before the D-Day. Whether it is via an online platform, through revision books or other resources, we advise you to revise your grammar, syntax properly but also enrich your vocabulary as much as possible. To learn while having fun, there's nothing like supplementing “formal” revision with watching Spanish films and sitcoms. You can also make it a habit and listen to the Spanish radio or television, but also read novels in this language to keep yourself entertained while strengthening your oral and written comprehension.

Getting a good score in Bright Español also means knowing how to properly understand the different exercises on the day of the test. Bright Español is a test which requires speed and time control as this is key to gain the maximum number of points. Here are our tips to succeed at the Bright Reading and Listening sections:

  • Succeed at the Bright Reading : we advise you to carefully read the sentence which is given, then read each of the proposed answers, one by one. Following which, try to identify the grammar rule which is involved and then begin eliminating, to choose the correct answer. We also recommend that you answer all the questions, even if you are not certain about the answer. Errors lead to 0 points and not to a negative score which can lower the final grade. Last but not least, don't spend more than 30 seconds per question.
  • Succeed at the Bright Listening : you can listen to the sentence over and over again, so don't skip it until you understand it perfectly. Do not ponder over the unknown words, but identify the keywords that will allow you to grasp the context of the sentence. To answer, proceed by elimination. Among the 3 propositions, there is always a trick answer expressing the opposite of what the sentence you heard, actually means. In the same way, answer even when you are not sure and do not exceed 30 seconds for each question.

Have you decided to take the Bright Español test with the idea of a recruitment abroad, pursuing studies or simply wanting to know your level for personal sake? A very good initiative! To register for the Bright Español, it is required that you contact one of the Bright Language partner organizations. There are many centers all around the globe and you can find the list of centers on the official BRIGHT website. You can register online, by phone or by going on spot. You will need to fill out a form and provide a copy of your ID. Once your request has been registered, you will get an appointment for the exam. To pass the Bright Español, you will have to pay between 80 and 120 euros, the rates can vary depending on the centers. Additional costs may also be added during certain circumstances (late registration or postponed appointment for example). Once your assessment has been completed, you will obtain your score, the official validity is 2 years.

Bright Español is a standardized exam with a very specific structure and instructions. This is why the best way to boost your score is to prepare intensively, in order to get used to the structure of the test and its type of exercises. If you don’t prepare properly or familiarize yourself with the test in general, which means acquiring automatisms, you may end up losing a lot of time on the day of the exam.

To begin your preparation phase, we recommend that you begin by taking the mock Bright Español test. This will allow you to obtain an assessment of your spontaneous level, but also analyze your understanding of the test and pinpoint the weak areas that you will have to work on, to obtain the score you are aiming for..

On our GlobalExam platform, you have all the resources you need to prepare for Bright Español in the best of conditions. Preparation for the Bright Español test through GlobalExam is available in two different training modes:

  • Training mode made up of standard exercises divided into several difficulty levels (easy, medium and difficult). In this mode, you can practice typical exercises with the Reading and Listening sections, along with a time limit. You also have access to the answers for each of the exercises.
  • The Exam mode includes several clocked mock exam topics, to allow you to prepare in real exam conditions.

The various activities, exercises and mock exams present on GlobalExam are developed and written by our team of teachers who are experts with language tests and native Spanish speakers. This is to ensure the greatest quality with content. You can also access ready-made revision sheets on our platform, mainly focused on grammar and vocabulary. To follow the evolution of your level, jot down your progress and identify your potential weaknesses, you can also consult your personalized corrections as well as your progress statistics at any given time in the “Statistics and Corrections” section.

In the blog section of GlobalExam, you will also find lots of advice and information on the logistical aspects of preparing for Bright Español: interpretation of the score, rates for Bright Español, levels to target depending on the goals, list of approved centers etc. All the information is present to allow you to address this test as calmly as possible, without any gray areas. In addition to the GlobalExam platform, which is dedicated to your interactive test preparation, our blog is the most effective way of passing on our expertise which we’ve acquired over the years, on language exams.