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Over 2 millions Learners have already accomplished
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Bright English

7 key information to remember

The Bright English is an international language test, administered by the company Bright Language and it aims to determine the level of English language skills of candidates. The entire test takes place online and is mainly used for professional purposes, in the context of recruitment or certification procedures. Many companies in more than 80 countries around the world use the Bright English exam as an assessment tool. This test has the advantage of allowing you to test a wide range of levels (ranging from level A1 to level C2 of the CEFR). Due to its easy implementation and speed of execution, Bright English is a particularly sought test, both by companies and by schools

Bright English stands out as it’s highly secretive. The purpose of this test is to assess a person’s skills as they pass the test, in order to test their level of natural English. Just like TOEIC or TOEFL, if the detailed information on the content of the tests was available online, Bright English would lose much of its interest. In accordance with the policy of this review, little information is therefore available about its content.

Bright English lasts between 45 minutes and 1 hour maximum, depending on the candidate’s speed. This exam has a total of 120 questions and is divided into two separate sections, each assesses a different skill. Most of the questions in the Bright English exam are related to the professional realm. Therefore, these questions can concern business communication, travel, trade or any other situation that the candidate may come across, in the professional context.

First part - Bright Reading :
This first section of the Bright English leans on grammar, sentence structure, vocabulary and written comprehension of the language. It has 60 questions in the form of multiple choice questions and is expected to last approximately 30 minutes. The questions are filling in the gap questions, which must be completed by choosing from 4 propositions. To help you understand the exercise, here are some examples of the questions that can be found in Bright English Reading:

Example 1

His camera broke, so he stopped _____ pictures.

  • A. taken
  • B. taking
  • C. to take
  • D. having taken

Correct answer and explanations : You must answer (B) because the verb “stop” is generally followed by the gerund.

Example 2

Our company is looking for workers who are a great team _____.

  • A. workers
  • B. addition
  • C. friends
  • D. players

Correct answer and explanations : The correct answer is (D), in accordance with the standard expression "team player" defining someone who knows how to work in a team.

Example 3

In the last few years, school _______ way too expensive to attend.

  • A. is gotten
  • B. getting
  • C. get
  • D. has gotten

Correct answer and explanations : Here you have to choose the answer (D) because it is the "present perfect" which is required to describe events which began in the past and continue in the present. The other statements are grammatically incorrect.

Second section - Bright Listening
The second section assesses the oral comprehension of the candidate. This test also lasts 30 minutes on an average and has 60 questions. The candidate is invited to listen to a sentence (as many times as he wishes) and answer the corresponding question, choosing from 3 choices.
Here are some examples of what you can expect in the Bright English Listening section:

Example 1

You hear: “Construction on the new site is in full swing”.

You need to choose between:

  • A. They have started building in the new location.
  • B. The new building is quite a spectacle.
  • C. They have yet to start building.

Correct response and explanations : here you have to choose proposition (A) because “in full swing” means “in progress”, which means that the construction has already begun.

Example 2

You hear: “Their restaurant is unfortunately in a low-traffic area”.

You need to choose these three propositions:

  • A. Not many people come to the location the restaurant is in.
  • B. Lots of people come to the location the restaurant is in.
  • C. Cars can get to the restaurant.

Correct response and explanations : (A) is the correct answer because the term “low-traffic area” indicates that the area where the restaurant is located, attracts little traffic and is therefore not very crowded.

Example 3

You hear: “If this growth continues we are going to have to consider expanding”.

You need to choose between :

  • A. If sales keep doing poorly they may want to try doing more business.
  • B. If sales keep doing well they may want to look at doing more business.
  • C. The business might start selling pots and pans.

Correct response and explanations : Proposition (B) is the right one here. The oral sentence mentions a business growth (“growth” and “expanding” corresponds to “doing more business”). (A) indicates the opposite and (C) is irrelevant.

Waiting time with Bright English
Like With all Bright exams, Bright English stands out by offering minimal and almost non-existent waiting times. The candidate is invited to take the test directly after registering and he obtains his result just a few minutes after completing the exam. No suspense with Bright English!

Bright English : a score representative of the CEFR levels
The Bright English exam leads to a score which varies from 0 to 5. Score 0 corresponds to a beginner’s level while a candidate who obtains 5 is considered to be bilingual. These levels are in keeping with the assessment grid A1-C2 du CECRL, making the interpretation of the result all the more easier.

The final score takes into account the cumulative points obtained in the Bright Reading section and then in the Bright Listening. Therefore, an average score in the two sections of the test can work against the candidate since with 50% of correct answers in each of the sections, the final score obtained will not be 2.5/5 but 1/5.

Our advice to obtain a good score on Bright English
It is important to prepare well before the test, to be able to obtain a good score on Bright English. To do so, organize a revision and training schedule several weeks in advance and conscientiously revise your grammar, vocabulary and written and oral comprehension. In addition to the resources, which are available online (such as the GlobalExam platform), preparations at accredited centers, preparation books and exam papers, you can also improve your English on a daily basis, by supplementing this training program through watching movies and sitcoms in English, watching English TV, reading English books, newspapers and magazines or listening to the English radio. While you feel like you’re having fun, you are progressing too.

On the D-Day, remain focused and take the advice into account, to save time and be efficient:

  • For the Bright Reading: we advise you to read each response proposition carefully, trying to identify the grammar rule which is being tested. This will allow you to remember other rules, so you can proceed by elimination and find the correct answer.
  • For the Bright Listening: for this part, we advise you to replay the sentence, as many times as necessary but also to identify the keywords, in order to understand the context. Then read each of the propositions and proceed with elimination. There is always one trap among the three choices, which affirms the opposite of what you heard in the sentence.

Comment s'inscrire au Bright English ?

Vous souhaitez vous inscrire au Bright English ? Il vous faut pour cela prendre contact avec l’un des nombreux centres agréés présents en France. Implantés dans la plupart des grandes villes, ces organismes possèdent des contrat d’agents avec le groupe Bright Language et sont ainsi habilités à organiser des sessions d’examens. La liste de tous les centres agréés est disponible sur le site officiel du Bright.

Il est possible de s’inscrire au Bright English en ligne, par téléphone mais le plus simple reste de se rendre sur place. Un formulaire vous sera donné à remplir dans lequel vous devrez indiquer votre état-civil, vos coordonnées, le test Bright que vous souhaitez passer ainsi que votre moyen de paiement (qui peut être la carte bancaire, le virement, PayPal, le financement CPF ou autre). Le début du test commence directement après l’inscription, sans délai. Une fois votre test passé, vous obtenez votre score en quelques minutes et ce résultat reste valide pour une période de deux ans.

Combien coûte le Bright English ?

Les coûts liés au Bright English varient en fonction des différents centres de France. Les tarifs de passage du test se situent généralement autour de 100 euros. Si vous choisissez de préparer l’examen en centre agréé, des frais viendront s’ajouter au prix total. Ainsi, si vous optez pour un entraînement Bright English en centre pendant 2 ans par exemple, vous devrez débourser entre 250 et 350 par an en moyenne (avec la possibilité d'étaler les paiements mensuellement ou trimestriellement).

How to register for the Bright English ?
You wish to register for the Bright English? There are many centers all around the globe and you can find the list of centers on the official BRIGHT website. You can register for Bright English online, by phone, but the easiest way is to register on spot. You’ll be given a form to fill in, where you will have to indicate your marital status, your contact details, the Bright test that you wish to take, but also your means of payment (which can be the bank card, transfer, PayPal, or other methods). The test begins immediately after registration. Once you have passed your test, you will get your score in a few minutes and this result remains valid for a period of two years.

How much does Bright English cost ?
The costs associated with Bright English vary depending on the country. If you choose to prepare for the examination in an approved center, fees will be added to the total price. Therefore, if you opt for a Bright English training in the center for 2 years for example, you will have to spend a certain amount per year (with the possibility of spreading the payments on a monthly or quarterly basis).

Bright English is a standardized exam made up of a characteristic structure not to mention, precise and easily identifiable instructions. The best way to ace your Bright English test is to prepare yourself intensively and become familiar with the specific structure of this test. By learning to understand the rules of Bright English and how to operate the Bright Reading and Bright Listening sections, you will be fully aware of what is expected from you on D-Day and you’ll save precious time. To avoid being confronted with situations you didn’t expect on the big day, you’re strongly recommended to enroll in the training program and work on the mock topics of the Bright test, so that you can practice during real conditions. This way, you’ll be much more at peace on the day of the test and ready to ace your Bright English test.

GlobalExam offers you a comprehensive online preparation for Bright English in its offer. You shall find a Training mode and an Examination mode, which allows you to improve your skills. Training mode is made up of corrected standard exercises, relating to each of the two sections of the test. The Exam mode allows you to work under the real exam conditions, due to timed and corrected mock topics.

The entire content of our GlobalExam platform is produced by a team of dedicated teachers specializing in language learning. You mainly have access to several teaching notes, specific to the Bright English test which helps you revise your grammar and vocabulary. The resources available to you on GlobalExam aim to make you revise your English but also to help you understand the structure of the exercises in a detailed manner, therefore the test in general. You will also be able to access your personalized answers on our platform but also your progress statistics. According to us, the latter is key, to properly prepare your Bright English.

On our GlobalExam blog, you can also find many courses, tips and tricks to succeed, but also a lot of information, which will be useful for you to complete your preparation. Through this blog, we would like to pass on our expertise to you, which we have acquired over the years in terms of language exams and their preparation. The GlobalExam blog is also a non-negligible source of information: teaching notes on grammar or vocabulary of Shakespeare's language, advice for online registration, remarks on calculating the score, etc. You will find all the key tools and explanations, in order to prepare for your test.