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In this article we will be introducing the BRIGHT English exam along with its structure and guidelines. We will also show you how GlobalExam can help you train for this exam.

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What Is the Bright English Test and What Are the Guidelines?

BRIGHT English is a language test used for testing staff or students. The exam is quick and straightforward to do as it is fully online and only takes about an hour, but you have an hour and three quarters to finish the exam. The BRIGHT English exam evaluates test takers on their ability to use everyday English in professional situations such as simple telephone conversations and emails.

It is possible to do the test in eleven languages, ranging from French to German to Mandarin or Russian. The test has two sections: listening and reading, lasting 30 minutes for each section. There are a total of 120 questions. The exam is scored from 0 to 5.

It is only short in comparison to other language exams, and is intended to assess lower level English users (A1-B1 on the Common European Framework of Reference for languages- (CEFR). There does not appear to be common official acceptance of the BRIGHT English exam by universities and governments.

Although the BRIGHT English exam does not offer speaking and writing assessment, it is still a good indicator of English language ability for the A1-B1 levels of the CEFR and a quick, handy way to test groups of people.

Why choose GlobalExam?

You need to prepare if you hope to do well on a language assessment; preparing need not be a chore or hassle if you let GlobalExam help you. Many a test taker squanders precious preparation time or jumps from book to website to tutor without any plan or clear purpose. We are specialists in language exam preparation; it’s what our passion is. We will put you on the right path and guide you along the way.

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GlobalExam will make the task of preparation organized, efficient and rewarding for you. All you need to do is focus on the learning. With our authentic materials, personalized services and realistic, timed practice tests, you are sure to succeed in your pursuits.

So, what can we do for you?

For starters, we offer free materials that give you a sense of how we work and the quality of our content. We have two sample exercises, and vocabulary and grammar study materials for BRIGHT English free of charge for you. You don’t need to commit or pay a single Euro; all you need to do is try out the free materials and see how you feel. Should you find the free materials to your liking, and we think that you will, sign up for one of our premium plans.

Premium plans offer the following content and services:

  • Vocabulary and grammar study sheets
  • 48 sample exercises
  • 15 training hours
  • 3 practice tests that are timed and conducted under realistic test conditions
  • Study plan based on your exam date
  • Progress tracking with statistics

Keeping motivated while studying for a long period can be problematic for most people. This is why we provide motivational messages along with our personalized follow-up and progress tracking. In addition to these features, we have a multi-device solution as we realize that our clients may want to study with their smartphones or tablets while commuting or with their laptops or desktops while at home or in the office.

Flexibility, organization, individualized study plans and statistics along with well-organized, authentic practice materials are what you need if you want to succeed. Time management and organization are critical to effective and successful studying, and that is what we offer you.

Taking everything into consideration and GlobalExam offers a more comprehensive, effective, flexible and affordable training package than our competitors.

Our premium plan prices are as listed below:

  • 29.90€ weekly plan
  • 59.90€ monthly plan
  • 99.90€ quarterly plan
  • 199.90€ yearly plan