Jeduka talks about his experience with GlobalExam

Khyati Patel, Handling Marketing and Communications of, gives us feedback on the use of GlobalExam.


Could you tell us about your establishment? What is your role inside Jeduka ? is one of the Top International Education Portal for the aspiring students wishing to Study Abroad. It has the information about 50+ countries, 27000+ courses and 2500+ Universities. Moreover there are 1000+ Articles related to study abroad. I am Khyati Patel, Handling Marketing and Communications of


What was your motivation for choosing GlobalExam to prepare your learners?

IELTS and Other English language test is mandatory for the students wishing to study abroad. It is one of the most ideal Platform for the students to learn english and score good marks.


What do you think are GlobalExam’s main contributions to your establishment / your learners?

GlobalExam has many training exercises which help the students to practice and score good marks.


Are you satisfied by the progress your learners have made thanks to our solution?

Yes we are very satisfied with the progress.


Are you satisfied by the quality of the service provided by the GlobalExam commercial team as well as by the operations team?

Yes we are 100% satisfied with the quality of the service provided by GobalExam.


What do you think would be the main improvements we could bring to our solution to better respond to your needs?

Rightnow we are satisfied with the service.


In a few words, why would you recommend GlobalExam?

Amazing Platform for the english learners. Good and Quality Service provided.




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