In this section, we show you many tips to improve your pronunciation so that your accent won’t be an obstacle for communicating with english-speaking people.

In our blogs you will find tips to learn phonetics, they can help you much about pronunciation, you can read sheets we especially wrote to make them understandable.

You could also find some local characters depicted in the blogs versus very academic ones, this is for you to know the differences between many accents. They will help you define the right accent. The british accent is the most understandable in the world, but there is also a very widely spoken one, the american accent. Read the blogs to find links and listen to audios, or to watch videos, this will help you get acquainted with them.

The exercises you’ll find in these blogs will help you improve your fluency and your accent. You will be the only one to hear you talking so no worry that someone would laugh at you !


No doubt you will find these exercises pleasant and playful, but the best thing is that they meet an academic level. You’ll have fun and acquire proficiency at the same time !

When you read the lessons, don’t leave behind your sense of humour. Talking about accents, you’re going to laugh a lot ! You sure are going to have a great day with these exercises ! Make the best of it !

At GlobalExam, we take the matter very seriously, a good accent is the key to connection. We believe that these tips will improve your accent. Those links to videos and programmes have been carefully selected to help you get along with pronunciation, added to practical exercises, no doubt you will gain confidence ! So first thing, read one blog and go on with the others if you feel comfortable !

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