Pronunciation is probably one of the most difficult things to learn when studying Italian. Indeed, many Italian sounds just don’t exist in English: think about the Italian “r” for example, of the sound “gl” and “gn”. How can you learn the Italian pronunciation and accent? What are the most important things to remember to speak like a native? In this section you’ll find it out!

Our articles will help you discover all the rules of Italian pronunciation: we’ll analyse phonetic symbols for consonants, vowels and diphthongs, the most difficult Italian sounds such as “r”, “t”, “d”, “gn”, “gl”, “ch” and “gh”, we’ll learn the Italian alphabet using IPA and examples, how to intonate each letter, rules and exceptions, and so on. Moreover, we’ll give you useful tips to improve your pronunciation, such as listening to Italian podcasts, audiobooks and music, watching movies and TV series and shows, speaking with native-Italian speakers, etc.


What’s more, we’ll tell you where to find these resources and which ones you should choose according to your level and interests. In our articles you’ll discover all the basic rules you need to know to become fluent and where to find exercises to improve your accent and pronunciation. We’ll list movies, TV series and shows to watch, podcasts and audiobooks to listen to, websites to find native speakers and e-learning platforms that also offer pronunciation exercises! We’ll also recommend the vocabulary to start from, in order to become familiar with the new sounds through easy words, and to pass to more difficult ones when you feel ready. Take your time and enjoy the ride!

Our blog explains all the rules you need to improve your Italian pronunciation, along with useful tips and exercises, online and offline resources, and much more! At GlobalExam we want to help you to become fluent with fun, dynamic yet professional methods.

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