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Whether you need to take the DALF certifications for immigration, academic, or professional purposes, you’re probably wondering how much it’s going to cost you! After all, since the DALF certification is valid for life, it’s an investment in your future. But how much is this investment?

This article will run down the ballpark figures of what to expect to pay to sit the DALF, how the cost of the DALF compares with that of other tests and certifications, and our tips on how to make your monetary investment count by revising properly with GlobalExam.

These prices will give you an idea of what to plan on paying but be sure to verify with your testing center once you register to get up-to-date pricing information and session availability.

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DALF test fees all over the world

The fee to take the DELF or the DALF tests are determined by the Department for Cooperation and Cultural Affairs (SCAC) of the French Embassy in each country and the National Commission. However, within France, the prices are set by the local academic administration office (rectorat), so prices may vary in France depending on where you sit the tests in France.

Below is a summary of testing fees charged to take the DALF at various branches of Alliance Française language schools in different countries.

DALF test levelSample fees

* Disclaimer: fees are determined by official French government bodies and may vary over time and depending on the location. The prices indicated in this table are for information only. Always be sure to get updated pricing and availability information from your testing center when you register to take the DALF tests.

You’ll notice that the fees for the DALF C1 and C2 are similar to each other, but may vary considerably depending on where in the world you choose (or have to!) take them!

Fee for the DALF compared to the TCF

Compare these prices with the fee to take the public TCF test. While there are several versions of the TCF test available, depending on your needs, the core version of the TCF, which tests listening, reading, grammar, and vocabulary, costs around €90 ($100). But if you register to take the optional speaking and writing portions of the public TCF, you’ll need to pay around €80 ($85) for each exam or €160 ($170) for both.

That’s €250 ($270) to take the full public TCF and be assessed on all four language skills, the same skills that are tested in the DALF C1 and C2 tests.

It’s easy to see that the prices for both tests are comparable. So, which one should you take? The TCF and DALF are accepted as proof of your French proficiency at C1 and C2 levels on the CERFL scale, so it all depends on what you need this certification for!Fee for the DALF compared to the TCF

Online test preparation with GlobalExam

No matter which certification process you choose or need, once you decide and register to take it, you mustn’t forget the crucial step of preparation! Even if your language skills are already quite high, good preparation is required if you want to get a feel for the test format and timing pressures!

With GlobalExam, you’ll get level-appropriate vocabulary and grammar files to boost your French knowledge. We’ve got two different practice modes: Training, with sample exercises from the DALF test of your choice with corrections, and Exam, where you can take one or more full mock tests.

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The best feature of GlobalExam is our progress tracker: simply enter the date of your test, and with your score on the placement exam, we’ll create a customized study plan for optimal revision. We’ll take care of all the planning so you can focus on studying!

Make your investment in paying the DALF fee count by preparing fully with GlobalExam!