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  • Recent publication

Your older sister’s textbook may have been great in 2009, but does it represent the current state of the TCF? Language exams change, so publishers update their materials to reflect this.

  • Uses official materials

Language exams normally have some relationship with published materials. For instance, there is a series of IELTS textbooks published by Cambridge University Press that contain official tests. Check to see that the book uses official materials for the TCF. Look for approval by CIEP (le Centre international d’études pédagogiques).

  • Does it appeal to you?

Just because the book helped your friend from Romania do well on the TCF doesn’t mean that you will like it. You need to be using a book that works well for you and has a format that you find appealing.

  • Availability

Is the book readily available to you? New books tend to be pricey and, at public libraries, new language exam books usually have a long waiting list. Waiting three months for a textbook when your exam date is four months away isn’t a good idea. Also, if you are purchasing the book, be sure that it is available now and not out of stock

  • Add-ons

Most language prep books should come with a DVD or access to online materials. A DVD, especially for listening practice, is critical. Access to additional online materials through the publisher provides extra practice and typically the most up-to-date materials.

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Tips to train online

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  • Dynamic and not static 

What does this mean? Look at the website and ask yourself these questions:

  • Is it just some downloadable materials and nothing else?
  • Does it look dated as though no one has made any changes for 10 years?
  • Is it easy to navigate?
  • Is the website well-organized?
  • Is it a business or someone’s hobby?

A dynamic website will have a contemporary look and show evidence of change; additionally, it will be easy to navigate, be well-organized and be professionally maintained.

All our tips to succeed on the TCF.

  • Transparent fees

Exam preparation is a business, so websites are likely to charge a fee for the service. This is fine, but the fee structure should be transparent and easy to understand without any complicated billing procedures.

  • Flexibility

Nowadays, any decent website related to language or exam preparation should offer clients flexibility. The multi-media options and what we can do online is amazing. Any website that doesn’t offer these things is not on top of the game.

  • Authentic, targeted materials

The website should have worksheets, grammar topics, etc. that reflect the needs of the TCF. The materials shouldn’t be generic language prep stuff being used for a 101 different tests. Materials need to be targeted to the TCF or whichever exam you are prepping for.

  • Support

Having tech support and staff who can provide information, regarding the TCF is invaluable. You can get questions answered, problems solved and not feel alone and overwhelmed.

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We provide targeted and current test prep materials for the TCF along with the advantages that an online, multi-media solution has to offer. You’re never alone as we monitor your progress. Your success on the TCF leads to success for us, so we want you to do well. 

What we are offering for the TCF

  • Vocabulary and grammar study sheets, regularly updated and targeted to the skill sets that you will need to do well on the TCF.
  • 20 sample exercises that focus on key exam topics, so you get exposure to vocabulary and grammar that you will encounter on your exam date.
  • 23 training hours with 1300 questions, which have corrections for you.
  • 3 practice tests with timing; an invaluable tool to prepare for actual exam conditions.
  • Study plan specifically for you and fitting in with your upcoming exam date.
  • Progress tracking metrics which let you know how well you are doing and how you can improve. 
  • Personalized motivational messages are sent to you by our staff to let you know that you aren’t alone—a great way to maintain your motivation.
  • GlobalExam’s multi-device solution gives you access to our materials via your smartphone, laptop, or tablet. Prepare for the TCF anywhere and anytime.