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What should be your minimum TOEIC score?

The TOEIC test has become a well-established internationally recognized English exam since it’s inception in the late seventies by ETS (Educational Testing Service). Millions of people take the TOEIC test every year and many are students who are looking to work in an English speaking environment. The certificate they receive by doing the TOEIC test helps prove their competence and proficiency to use the English language at work.

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What is the basic format of the TOEIC test?

The TOEIC exam is composed of three different tests which include the TOEIC Reading & Listening Test. This is a multiple-choice test and measures proficiency in English reading and listening skills. It lasts 2 hours and is divided into 2 sections. The sections contain 4 exercises and 100 questions. 45 minutes are allocated to the listening section with 75 minutes for reading section. Students work their way through the sections and have to keep track of time in order to finish the exercises on time.

Another part of the TOEIC test is the Speaking and Writing test which measures proficiency in these respective skills. Test takers have to respond to questions set in real-world situations. The tests use common everyday vocabulary, phrases and key expressions that could be used in the workplace. The speaking test takes 20 minutes and consists of 11 questions. The scoring ranges from 0-200. The writing test has the same scoring and takes 60 minutes to complete the 8 questions.

The third type of TOEIC test is a paper-based, multiple-choice test called TOEIC Bridge Test. It ranges from beginner to intermediate level (A1-B1) and tests general English reading and listening proficiency.

How is TOEIC score distributed in the Listening and Reading tests?

For the TOEIC Listening & Reading Test, the scoring for each section contains 100 questions worth 495 points. The total maximum TOEIC score for both sections is 990 points. The final score is converted using a method not publicized by TOEIC. Candidates receive a score between 5 and 495 per section. The overall mark is then the total of the 2 scores. The best possible score would therefor be 990, with the worst possible score a candidate can get being 10.

What about the scores for the Speaking and Writing test?

The TOEIC Speaking and Writing Test’s responses are digitally recorded and sent to the ETS online scoring network. Here they are graded by qualified ETS assessors. The speaking test includes six different task types. The first four task types from question 1 to 9 are scored from 0 to 3 and the last two task types from question 10 to 11 are rated on a scale of 0 to 5. The total of the ratings is then converted to a score of 0 to 200. The writing test includes three different task types. The first task type from question 1 to 5 is rated on a scale of 0 to 3 with the second task type ranging rated on a scale of 0 to 4. The last task type in question 8 is rated from 0 to 5. The total of all these ratings is also converted to a scaled TOEIC score of 0 to 200.

How is the TOEIC score rated?

The evaluation criteria for TOEIC scores are different for each section of each test. In the speaking section of the TOEIC Speaking and Writing Test, the assessors focus on pronunciation, intonation, stress, relevance, cohesion and task completion. For the writing section the raters focus more on the quality and variety of the responses. They also look at whether candidates’ opinions are well organized with good grammar and vocabulary and whether they are supported with reasons.

What is the minimum TOEIC score I need?

There is no passing or failing score for the TOEIC test. The tests measure different levels of ability. The single, continuous scale enables you to set attainable goals and measure progress as your skills improve. Since the maximum you can get on the Writing test is 200, anywhere from a 170 – 200 (or level 8-9 proficiency) would be considered excellent by most institutions. Even though many businesses and institutions have minimum TOEIC scores or proficiency levels for hiring staff, the levels may be quite different from another institution’s base requirements. To find out the minimum score your need – it is therefore best to check the requirements for the institution or workplace to which you’re applying to. As a rough guide; If your overall TOEIC score is between 785 and 945 then you have an Upper Intermediate level of English.

What can I do to improve my TOEIC score?

To make sure you get the highest score possible it is important to research about the TOEIC test itself and do plenty of practise tests. It is advisable to do some kind of TOEIC preparation course to ensure you have the best chance of obtaining the results you need. Some students decide to join a TOEIC preparation class to make sure they meet their minimum required score. Others choose to work with a private tutor or do lots of self- study using resources such as books or online practise exercises. Whichever you decide, it’s probably true that the more you prepare and practise for the TOEIC test, the higher your score is likely to be.

Can Global exam help students taking the TOEIC test?

Global Exam is an online platform dedicated to test preparation in real exam conditions. Our experts are continually updating and writing new content to deliver effective training and practice opportunities for students taking tests. On the site students can do TOEIC exercises and get immediate feedback so that they know which areas they need to work on. Students also have the chance to do full mock exams under timed conditions – just like in the real TOEIC test. On the site you can review your results and monitor your progress. You can then improve any weak areas with the help of our vocabulary and grammar study sheets! So, if you are doing a TOEIC test soon it makes sense to sign up for the free trial and then the premium version to get access to all the materials you need.