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Do administrative tasks tire you out? Us too! This is why we developed our simple user portal, where you can easily see, understand, and organize everything.
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10 licenses or 10,000 - you won't see the difference

Each GlobalExam Admin area is unique. Your team will have access to a space designed for you and will be able to easily access the information you have selected, to enable your lessons to run smoothly.
See everything
View your contracts, check the stock of your licenses, and create your accounts in 1 click
Organize everything
Organize your groups for clarity and assign your instructors
In total clarity
Assign access to modules and highlight useful information for each instructor

Visualize, evaluate, and act in real time

Monitor in real time
Visualize completed work and progress in the blink of an eye, for your establishment, for a group, or for a particular student
Zoom In
Create custom exports and zoom in on the data of your choice over your period of interest with our advanced filters
Adapt and Engage
Share areas for improvement with your learners and assign them the study plans that will enable them to achieve their goals

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