Just to refresh your memory, the KET (Key English Test) is an A2 or elementary level language exam. It’s administered by Cambridge English, who develop and administer a wide range of English language proficiency exams. The KET is the easiest level exam. People use the KET to find out if they have a basic knowledge of reading, writing, speaking and listening in English.

What are you going to read about in this section?

That’s a reasonable question. We will tell you about the scoring on the KET. Most people get the idea that you need to study before an exam, but they may not consider the scoring. One way to do better on an exam is to understand how the scoring works, and what your score means. You may not realize it, but learning how each section of the KET is scored and what the scores mean will actually make it easier to prepare. It enables you to orient your studying and to set objectives.


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