The PET is the Preliminary English Test. It’s a language exam that is intended to assess a person’s use of English at the low-intermediate level. Cambridge English is the organization that develops and controls the PET. It’s well-known internationally and well-respected. The PET tests you on reading, writing, speaking and listening in English. It may not be an advanced level exam, but you will still need to study and prepare yourself for it.

GlobalExam has put together some handy training materials for you, so you can get ready for the PET. You can read about what we have for you in this section. There are our free tests and a PET sample test.
Find out what the free tests we offer are, and how they can help you prepare for the Preliminary English Test. Also, learn what our sample test is and how it will benefit you.


It’s important to inform yourself as much as possible before you step into an exam room for a language test such as the PET. Click on them and give the articles some time, and see what they have to offer you.

PET: Free Test Online With GlobalExam

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The PET English Test certifies you as a B1 level English learner. This qualification shows that you have mastered the basics [...]

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