Welcome to the part of the GlobalExam where you can find lots of relevant information about pronunciation in French. If you have questions about pronunciation rules and accents in French, this blog is where you can find the answers.

You’re learning French but you’re put off by the strange pronunciation? Or you simply don’t understand how written French corresponds to what you’re hearing out and about? You’re not the only French learner to have these questions, which is why we’re here to answer them. French pronunciation is renowned for its fiendish irregularities and beginners to French can often feel discouraged when faced with reading aloud a text for the first time or trying to understand native speakers pronounce words they thought they knew. By taking note of the advice you’ll find here in the blog, we hope you’ll feel more prepared to tackle French pronunciation and won’t give up on your goal to speak fluently with natives.


Our French pronunciation blog has information ranging from the general to the specific. We answer questions on the rules of French pronunciation, as well as the exceptions.  How much do you know about French accents? Read our article on the subject here and you’ll know a lot more. Finally, don’t forget to check out what our blog has to say about French intonation. Good French pronunciation is about individual sounds and words, as well as the way your voice rises and falls within each sentence. It might seem like a small detail, but it’s essential to communicate clearly and with confidence.

The GlobalExam blog’s mission is to help you, the learner, navigate the complicated topic of learning French and mastering pronunciation. We’ve brought together all the most useful tips and tricks into one space so you can find them in one place and focus on your learning. We hope it helps!

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