Grammar is essential to learn a language. Without studying it, you’ll never be able to speak, read and write in Italian. But grammar is so wide, that sometimes you might feel lost. Don’t worry: in this section you’ll discover the basics to know and to start with!

In our articles you’ll find the list of the main grammar topics you need to study when learning Italian. We’ll start speaking about pronouns: subject pronouns, object pronouns, direct and indirect pronouns. We’ll list them and explain how and when to use them, giving you useful tips. We’ll then pass to Italian possessive adjectives: a chart will help you understand and memorize them. Did you know that Italian adjectives agree in gender (masculine/feminine) and in number (singular/plural) with the noun they refer to?
In Italian there are many prepositions: DI, A, DA, IN, CON, SU, PER, TRA, FRA. In our articles you’ll get to know all of them and their use, with clear explanations and practical examples! You’ll then find a list of the most common Italian adverbs, such as adverbs of time (oggi, domani, dopo, etc), adverbs of frequency (mai, raramente, spesso, etc), question adverbs (dove? come? perché? quanto? chi?), and so on.


Finally, we’ll discuss Italian verbs and their conjugations, probably one of the most complicated, yet important, Italian grammar topics. We’ll explain the three verb groups: -are, -ere and -ire and their conjugation for all modes and tenses, with clear and practical charts.

If you want to learn the basics of Italian grammar, you should read our blog: ar GlobalExam we do anything we can to help students learn Italian in a fun, interactive and effective way! Our blog’s articles are written in a clear way, with examples and useful tips and resources you can use to better understand the grammar rules of this amazing language!

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