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Testimony from a successful Global Player

My name is Florent, I am 21 years old, and I recently took the TOEIC exam. I am going to share my experience with you.

Test my level for free

The TOEIC, an asset to your CV

I was in my 2nd year of my DUT in Management of Businesses and Administration, and my English teacher suggested to the class (in particular to those who already had a good level of English), that we take the exam. Having a good level of English myself, I thought that taking the TOEIC exam would allow me to emphasise these skills with a tangible diploma, which is recognised by many businesses and higher education institutions, instead of simply writing “fluent level” on my CV.

Practice for the TOEIC exam with Global-Exam

After registering to sit the exam at the beginning of the school year, I had several practice sessions in small groups during my English lessons where we took mock exams. However, although I was doing quite well, I tried to look for other ways to practice in order to maximise my score. This is when I discovered the Global-Exam website. I signed up a short while before the exam so that I could practice. I found that the training exercises proposed by the site were of a high quality and I improved as a result, especially with respect to the specificities of the exam.

On 7th March 2014, I took the exam on campus with other students from my year. The part that I found the most difficult during the TOEIC exam was the “Listening” section, when you have to listen to a person talk whilst answering questions. My advice to succeed in this section is to try to read the questions and answers before the recording starts in order to know in advance what you have to listen out for.

My TOEIC score: 955!

I finally received my results and I wasn’t disappointed. I managed to get a score of 955 out of 990, including 495 for the Listening section and 460 for the Reading section, the best result amongst the students taking the exam on campus that day!

I have to say that practising online for the TOEIC exam with Global-Exam probably helped me gain many more points compared with what I would have received without the practice. This is why I would happily recommend practising with Global-Exam to anyone that wants to take this kind of exam! The first exercises for the TOEIC exam are free as well, as are numerous helpful notes.