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You must register with approved exam centers only. Approved centers means that they are approved by CIEP (Centre international d’études pédagogiques) and not by anyone else. You can sit for the TCF exam in France or in over 140 nations abroad. It is the test takers responsibility to verify that a chosen center appears on the official list. 

Click on the link to see a list of all of the approved TCF exam centers worldwide. Find out more about the TCF test different sections of the TCF and instructions.

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Learn more about the different versions of the TCF and which one should you choose.

When can I register?

You can register online at any time. If you register in person at an approved exam center, then you will have to go during office hours.

As with other language exams, you may sit for the TCF as many times as you like; however, you must wait 30-days between two sessions.

It is always best to check with the nearest approved exam center to verify the dates of exams. Also, be sure that the sections (compulsory and optional) that you need are being offered. Keep in mind that not every exam center offers the same number of test sessions each year. Hence, it is very important to plan your registration and don’t try to sign up at the last moment.

How to register?

When you go to the official TCF website, you click on a desired test center and follow the information provided. Check the examination date, time and the type of TCF (compulsory/optional). There are varieties of the TCF, so be sure that you choose the correct option. If in doubt, telephone your local exam center and ask them for assistance.

You will need government approved ID such as a passport or your country’s national ID card.

Find out how to register for the TCF exam.

Enter the information required for registration i.e. name, address, etc. Arrange to pay the relevant fee either online or at your test center. Pay before you sit for the test in order to complete your registration.

What are the fees?

For some reason, many language exam websites such as ETS and TCF are reticent about saying what the actual fee test takers will pay. Fees are going to differ, depending on which exams you sit for (compulsory and optional or only compulsory) and your location. The cost of living and currency rate will impact the fee. For instance, the compulsory section for the TCF Tout Public will be in the 90€ (100USD) range.

Never rely on hearsay or old information from three years ago; call your local exam center and confirm the current fee.

How to choose a test center?

All approved exam centers will provide you with an official TCF exam, and they all have to follow a set of procedures that are governed by CIEP. Your exam, no matter where you are, will be marked by CIEP and double-scored. Thus, where you sit for the TCF is a matter of convenience for the test-taker. Choose an official location that is convenient for you to travel to. There isn’t an easier or luckier test center. Choose one that is easy for you to get to.

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What does our website offer you for TCF preparation?

Our premium plans provide the following:

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