What is the best way to go about studying for the TOEFL iBT? Are there skills that you should develop? These are questions that you should get answers to before you plunge into studying. Most people don’t think about how to study, but how you study is a significant factor in doing well on an exam.

In these blogs, we have broken down the types of questions on TOEFL iBT, and the skills that you need to answer them. There’s some interesting insight on rhetorical styles that you will deal with, the kinds of details and how to infer and deduce on the exam. This is really useful stuff that goes beyond just learning grammar and vocabulary since many a test-taker fails to notice what exactly an exam question is asking for. Questions that are typical on an English language proficiency exam may be uncommon in your language and culture.


Details & Essential Information

Details & Essential Information Important and specific details regarding TOEFL IBT On the TOEFL IBT exam, there will be some questions [...]

Purpose & Inference

Learn the use of purpose and inference in English grammar. The TOEFL IBT will include certain questions testing your ability to [...]

Insert a Sentence

On the TOEFL IBT exam, there will usually be one Insert a Sentence question per passage. However, it can be one [...]


On the TOEFL IBT, there will be some questions asking you what a certain word means as used in the passage. [...]

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