Where to take the IELTS exam in Frankfurt?

Frankfurt is the fifth-largest city located in the centre of Germany. It is full of history and a centre of finance. You can easily register online to take your test here. The IELTS exam costs 226 euros and you get your results roughly two weeks after you take the test. You can pay for the exam by either credit card or bank transfer while you are registering.

Current test dates in Frankfurt am Main are –

DateExam Final registration date
23rd February 2019IELTS Academic13th February 2019
2nd March 2019IELTS Academic20th February 2019
9th March 2019IELTS Academic27th February 2019
23rd March 2019IELTS Academic13th February 2019
ELTS General Training13th February 2019
6th April 2019IELTS Academic27th March 2019
ELTS General Training27th March 2019
13th April 2019IELTS Academic3rd April 2019
27th April 2019IELTS Academic17th April 2019
ELTS General Training17th April 2019
4th May 2019IELTS Academic24th April 2019
11th May 2019IELTS Academic1st May 201
ELTS General Training1st May 201
18th May 2019IELTS Academic8th May 2019

On the test day – don’t forget to take the same ID you registered with, a pen, pencil, eraser, be 15-20 minutes early for registration, and be prepared to be fingerprinted as part of the registration process.

Getting there.

A week before the exam the test location will be emailed to you. Before then you should look into how to get around the city and research average travel times, peak times, costs etc. You cannot be late for the exam!

Frankfurt is public transport friendly, There are a few options to look at such as buses, metro, trams etc. All of these options cover the whole city so getting where you need to go will not be a problem.
There are two companies that run the public transport systems in Frankfurt – RMV and VGF. They both have apps that you can download and help you navigate your way around the city. Bus tickets costs 2.75 euros for a single journey and you can buy one from the bus driver or a ticket machine before you travel. On the trams or metro the fare depends on the zone. You should also look into a day pass as this might sometimes work out cheaper depending on the length of your journey. Depending on the provider, you can also buy some types of tickets on the app.

When you know the location plan your journey carefully and give yourself a little bit of extra time just in case.

Registration – check!
Transport plan -check!
Materials to continue to study – ?


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Good luck in your IELTS exam and have fun in Frankfurt!