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B2 First (FCE) Writing Section – Part 2

One skill that does need preparation and practice is writing. It’s okay to say your English grammar and vocabulary are good but knowing how to structure writing and use the experience to show how well you can express yourself is key to success. Having those skills is important for university, academic writing, blogs and will help you to have a good score to the First Language Certificate (FCE). You start to develop your own style of writing that plays to your strong points.

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What is B2 First Part 2?

Well, like part one you have 40 minutes out of your hour and 20 minutes to complete it. You need to write between 140-190 words. The main difference here is the type of writing you might be asked to do. They range from an article, an email/letter, a report, or a review. These all have different styles and knowing the differences between them is really important.

Studying for this type of writing tesk.

You need to be aware of the differences in formal and informal language, for example you would only find slang in a very informal email or a quote in an article. Understanding reported speech is also important for article writing. Just as using third person for report writing is also good to know. Taking the time to plan out your ideas when you read the question is key to completing this task, and it will save you time. You don’t want to start and then run out of things to say, or keep repeating the same language because your ideas on the topic are too similar. Like all writing tasks, you should makes notes for each paragraph and underline the key words/parts in the question to help focus your thinking.

Here is an example of a part 2 writing task.

You see this announcement on an English-language cooking website.

Articles wanted.

The most delicious dish I have ever eaten.

What is the most delicious dish you have eaten? What makes it special?

Which country is the dish originally from?

Write us an article answering these questions.

The author of the best article chosen by our readers will be invited to a live cooking show.

And here is a model answer (just to help)

The Most Delicious Food In The World

If anyone is looking for a new delicious dish, I have a suggestion. Aubergine in tomato sauce. It’s easy to make and really yummy.
It’s special in different ways. For me personally, it reminds me of my first holiday with my girlfriend last year. It was the best holiday I’ve ever had and every time I cook it, we remember how much fun we had. We tried it for the first time when we were in Rome and then ordered it wherever we went to see where they make the best one. It originally comes from the north of Italy but you can eat it all over the country now. My vegetarian friends love it. I was always a little nervous when they came around because I have little experience cooking without meat or fish but this is something everyone can enjoy.

All you need is tomatoes, basil, garlic, aubergines, olive oil and some parmesan cheese. Just look up the recipe on the Internet. It’s not hard to make so even if you’re not an experienced cook, you can prepare something healthy and delicious for you and your friends.

Getting the support you need.

Textbooks are a great way to study but getting feedback on your writing or skills isn’t possible unless you pay to attend classes. The other way of getting this support you need is through an online exam preparation provider. This would be an online class with an FCE tutor or through a study platform. Global Exam is one such platform. They have areas to practice all the skills for the exam and track your own progress. It also gives you access to full practice tests. They have a good track record in helping students achieve their goals and are worth a look.