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If you’re taking the Linguaskill (Bulats) test, you may be wondering how the score is calculated. First of all, keep your target in mind. It should be clear and precise. According to the reason for which you are sitting the test, you will be required to attain a minimum score. We have prepared a small guide on the Linguaskill (Bulats) score for you.

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Bulats score scale

The Linguaskill (Bulats) score is marked on a scale of 1 to 180 points (0 points are awarded if you do not turn up to the exam). You cannot fail the Linguaskill (Bulats) test. The closer your score is to 1 point, the closer your level of English is to that of a beginner. The closer your score is to 180 points, the closer you are to being bilingual. The score that you obtain corresponds to a specific level of English. You will receive a total score and a score for each category (reading, listening, writing and speaking).

How is the Linguaskill (Bulats) score calculated?

The score that you receive in each category corresponds to specific competencies in the English language. These specific competencies give a precise estimate of your general English level in each category. You will receive a total score and a score for each category. Your total score is obtained by taking the average of the scores from each category.

Bulats scores and their equivalent CEFR levels

The Linguaskill (Bulats) score, out of 180, corresponds to CEFR (Common European Framework of References for Languages) levels. This is an internationally-recognised scale of assessment of linguistic competencies. The Linguaskill (Bulats) scoring scale is based on that of the CEFR:

  • A score between 0 and 19 corresponds to a beginner level (A1)
  • A score between 20 and 39 corresponds to an elementary level (A2)
  • A score between 40 and 59 corresponds to an intermediate level (B1)
  • A score between 60 and 74 corresponds to an upper intermediate level (B2)
  • A score between 75 and 89 corresponds to an advanced level (C1)
  • A score between 90 and 180 corresponds to a superior advanced level (C2)

Your CEFR level also appears on your Linguaskill (Bulats) results certificate. For the writing and speaking exams, the CEFR level is more precise, as you will be given a + or – grade in addition to your level so that you can more accurately determine your proficiency within the level itself.

When will I receive my results? For how long are they valid?

As the Linguaskill (Bulats) test is taken entirely online, your results are available as soon as you finish the test for the listening and reading sections. The results of the other sections (writing and speaking) are available within 5 to 7 days after the test. You will receive a paper copy of the results attained in each section of the test.

Your Linguaskill (Bulats) score does not have an expiry date. However, according to the reason for which you are sitting the test, you may be asked to have taken the test within the past two years. You should verify if this is required of you!

If you are not satisfied with your score, practise the Linguaskill (Bulats) test to increase your score and reach your target next time!