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Unlike the lower levels, the DALF C2 certification is awarded by means of two tests:

– Listening and speaking

Reading and writing

This article will present the structure and proceedings of the DALF C2 Listening and Speaking test and guide you on how best to prepare for it.

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Structure of the DALF C2 Listening and Speaking Test

The DALF C2 Listening and Speaking test is divided into three parts lasting 30 minutes in total: a prepared spoken summary of a recording, a personal opinion based on a given subject, and a debate with the panel of examiners. The subject will be selected at random by the candidate, who will have 1 hour to prepare for the presentation. First comes the summary presentation of the recording, lasting 5 to 10 minutes, then a personal opinion, followed by a back-and-forth debate with the jury, the latter parts lasting about 10 minutes each.

Candidates are allowed to use a monolingual (French) dictionary, which will be provided by the DALF testing center.

The test is scored on a scale of 50 points (making half of the total DALF C2 certification, along with the Reading and Writing portions). In order to receive the certification, you must earn at least 50 points out of the total 100, and no less than 10 out of 50 points in each skill section. A score less than 10 on any section will disqualify you from receiving the diploma.

Structure of the DALF C2 Listening and Speaking Test

Spoken summary of the recording

You must first be able to present a summary of an audio recording in 5 to 10 minutes. Be sure you include all the important information and express it logically in a way that is easy to understand.

This part is worth 9 points based on two assessment scales:

  1. How you capture all the important information and opinions you hear without altering them, remaining objective and accurate, and if necessary, reformulate your speech if you are asked for clarification (6 points).
  2. How you organize your speech in a logical manner that is easy to follow (3 points).

Spoken point of view

Based on the subject in the recording, you will then need to present your opinion on the issue. Present your ideas and give examples to support your point of view in a speech lasting about 10 minutes, making sure to highlight important points fluently and logically.

This portion is worth 10 points according to three assessment scales:

  1. Whether you follow the prompt and understand the issue at hand (2 points).
  2. How you develop an opinion based on primary and secondary arguments and relevant examples (5 points).
  3. Whether your speech is fluent and organized logically and is easy to follow (3 points).


Still based on the same issue, you will then need to debate with the panel of examiners. You’ll need to defend your opinion and react spontaneously to follow-up questions.

This part is worth 6 points based on two assessment scales:

  1. How you clarify and defend your point of view by answering questions and responding to comments from the jury (3 points).
  2. How you use the examiners’ question to focus or broaden and develop the debate (3 points).

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