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Where to take DELF/DALF in the UK

You have decided that we want to sit for a DELF or DALF exam, but you’re not sure where to take the exam or what you need to do to register. Finding prices, exam dates and so on can be time consuming. Below, you’ll find the info that you need to locate an exam location, find upcoming test dates for the DELF and DALF and give you an idea of how much you should pay for an exam. Also, we’re going to let you know what GlobalExam can do to help you get ready for your exam.

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DELF and DALF exams- a very quick overview

DELF stands for (Diplôme d’Etudes en Langue Française) and DALF stands for (Diplôme Approfondi de Langue Française). The DELF exams assess CEFR levels A1-B2, and the DALF exams assess levels C1-C2. CEFR stands for the Common European Framework for Reference of Languages. The A1 level is a beginner and the C2 level is someone near a native speaker level. The DELF and DALF are governed by the ministry of education in France and are widely recognized. There are six exams in all and each one is intended to assess a specific level.

DELF and DALF exams- a very quick overview

Exam Locations

First of all, it’s very important as a test candidate to ensure that wherever you decide to sit for the DELF/DALF exam that it is an officially recognized test center. Second of all, make sure that you register for the appropriate exam. You need to determine your level prior to registration. If you sign up for the DALF B1 level exam, it is assumed that you are at the B1 level; the B1 level exam does not assess candidates on higher level materials such as the B2, C1 or C2 levels.

Here is a list of official exam centers in the UK:

  • London-Institut français
    14 Cromwell Place
    SW7 2JR London
  • University of Westminster
    309 Regent Street
    W1B 2UW London
  • Alliance Française Oxford
    St Margaret’s Institute
    30 Polstead Road, Oxford OX2 6TN
  • Birmingham
    The Brasshouse Centre
    50 Sheepcote Street
    B16 8AJ Birmingham
  • Cardiff- Cardiff Centre for Lifelong Learning
    Senghennydd Road
    CF24 4AG Cardiff
  • Edinburgh-Institut français d’Ecosse
    13 Randolph Crescent
    EH3 7TT Edinburgh
  • Jersey-Alliance Française de Jersey
    Town Hall Seale Street
    JE4 8PA Jersey
  • Belfast-Belfast Metropolitan College
    Belfast Metropolitan College School of Academic Studies Office
    TQ-2-104 Titanic Quarter Campus
    BT3 9DT Belfast

We also have written an article about test centers in Canada, in Québec and in Paris.

Exam Prices

You should be paying in the following range:

DELF A1 70-80£
DELF A280-90£
DELF B195-100£
DELF B2110-120£
DALF C1150-160£
DALF C2175-180£

For times and dates of a DELF or DALF exam, the candidate should contact the test center. The website addresses are shown at the end of the address for each test center, so use the link to find upcoming exam dates and times.

What do candidates need on the exam day?

Show up early. Be sure to have an official government ID. Use the ID that you register with. Always verify ahead of time that your registration was successful.

Be sure that you register for the appropriate exam. Trying to look good by sitting for the DALF C2 when you are at an A2 level will not benefit you in any way. DELF/DALF exams do not work like TOEIC or IELTS. You sit for the exam that is your level.

Getting the results and your diploma

Check with your exam center for details. However, the general procedure is as follows:

  • Collect your certificate within 2 weeks; show official government ID
  • Diplomas are not mailed to candidates
  • Exam results are sent to the examination board in Paris
  • Final diploma will be available in approximately 5 months.
  • Text center receives the diploma and notifies each candidate, so update the exam center if you change address, phone, etc. to receive your diploma


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