The DALF is a way to certify high-level proficiency in the French language and the diploma you’ll earn is valid for life. There are testing centers all over the world authorized by France Education International (formerly known as CIEP). This series of articles explains how to find your local testing center anywhere in the world.

  • DALF testing centers in the UK
    DALF tests are offered at language schools and universities all over the United Kingdom, including at most Alliance Française and Institut Français locations. Find the nearest location on the FEI website, but you’ll need to register for the test at the individual testing center.


  • DALF Paris: Where to take the exam
    Within the greater Paris region, you’ll find DALF testing centers in universities and language schools. This category shows you how to find your local testing center in and around Paris. Also, note that the test fee may vary within France since prices are determined by the local rectorat.


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