This category gives you the best resources to prepare for the DALF tests. You’ll need to prepare effectively if you want to get your best score, and these sources are a great way to focus on test-taking skills for the DALF tests.

  • Top books to prepare for the DALF
    There are a few books dedicated to the DALF C1 and C2 tests, and they are generally combined into one. Since the DALF is a certification for very high-level French, the study books are usually written all in French, and will surely include an audio CD or downloadable audio file to practice your listening skills.
  • Top websites to prepare for the DALF
    Of course, you may want to stay 100% online as you practice for your DALF. Online resources are provided by FEI directly, or you can check out any number of exercises provided by language schools and institutes.


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