Everybody can take the TOEIC ®!

TOEIC the exam for all

If the TOEIC is aimed at students seeking to study in English-speaking countries, the TOEIC is open to everyone. The TOEIC assesses your professional English communication skills, it is therefore relevant to both students and professionals. It is a real recruitment tool!

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TOEIC for professionals

If you do not dare to go for it and think that your English level is not good enough, do not worry! Your English skills are probably better than you think. I give English classes to executives and I have often found that they have mastered English better than they previously thought. Go for it, like dozens of thousands of professionals every year in France. It will help you to boost your cv!

It is believed that you need an intermediate to advanced level to sit the TOIEC. However, if you have a pre-intermediate level, do not give up on the idea. It all depends on your preparation. Moreover, apart from the institutions which demand a minimum score on the TOEIC, you cannot “fail” at the exam. The mark you will get will simply correspond to a certain set of language skills, which will be more or less extensive according to your result. It is therefore pointless to be too nervous.

The TOEIC will be a true asset and will certainly help you to feel more confident when you have to hold meetings in English, give a presentation, or speak with your foreign clients and colleagues.

TOEIC preparation for professionals

Preparing for the TOEIC obviously requires you to revise the basics (grammar, irregular verbs, etc.) You can easily find a lot of support for your revision. If you are working for a company, you may have the right to receive free language trainings. Ideally, take private classes: the trainer will adapt their classes according to your own needs, which is of course harder in group classes. What about Global-Exam? Global-Exam will be a good additional tool that you can use to practise for the listening and reading comprehension sections. In addition to your language classes, you will be allowed to prepare online for the TOEIC and to progress at your own pace thanks to the Global-Exam platform. Moreover, the dashboard will allow you to follow your progress and to check which areas you should work on and which exercises you are good at.

Remember that the TOEIC measures your skills at a given point in time. The mark you will get will be valid for 2 years and will therefore allow you to become more employable in the short term, for example to obtain an international position.

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