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TOEIC:  An asset to your CV for getting the dream job

The TOEIC exam is becoming essential for students but also for professionals:  increasingly used by recruiters, it improves the employability of those who have got a good score.

NB: For more information on the registration process, you can check our article “How to register for TOEIC?“. We have also written an article on where to take the TOEIC in Canada, Ireland,UK, Germany, USJapan and Korea.

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TOEIC: a recruitment tool for companies!

More and more companies with international markets use English as their working language. To ensure that their future collaborators have a high level of English, they verify their level with tests.

The TOEIC exam is the most used “Business English” exam, with close to 7 million candidates each year. It assesses candidates on their oral and written linguistic abilities, and is becoming a reference tool for recruitment, given that it is used in every country in the world.

Today, 15,000 companies and public institutions all over the world require a minimum level of English to be able to work effectively in an English-speaking environment: the minimum TOEIC score is usually between 750 and 850 points.

TOEIC is thus an excellent recruitment tool for companies.

TOEIC for managers: a way to progress at work!

Demonstrating your level of English is useful for established managers and for those looking for a new opportunity. Indeed, a good score allows you to boost your CV and open up new opportunities for advancement. Succeeding in this test requires a good grasp of English, and substantial and thorough preparation. It is not always possible to prepare under ideal circumstances but the going through a professional English programme is indispensable. Indeed, it is pointless to rush into the TOEIC if you don’t already have the foundations of English. To train for the TOEIC exam, candidates can choose between several possibilities: e-learning, books and individual or collective lessons to name but a few. Professionals wishing to assess their level of English have access to a variety of solutions, which may even be financed in France by the Pole Emploi or by companies’ training schemes via the CPF (Compte Personnel de Formation).

Once you have acquired the basics, GlobalExam is the only one to provide a qualitative and innovative online training tool.

By practising under real exam conditions, the candidate can:

  • Learn the format of the exam and get helpful tips thanks to the advice within the e-book dedicated to the TOEIC exam
  • Reduce their stress with numerous practice questions under exam conditions
  • Benefit from flexibility by working online and the warm and welcoming atmosphere of the site
  • Maintain their level between the end of their English classes and the date of the exam

In conclusion, if you haven’t yet obtained a good score in your TOEIC exam, don’t delay! Prepare for it by following a dedicated training programme and practice online on GlobalExam.

GlobalExam solution

GlobalExam provides exam preparation for language proficiency tests, thanks to many exercises and mock exams. You can also track your progress, and check our tips for your training, along with  English vocabulary word list  and grammar study sheets.

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