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TOEIC in Germany

The TOEIC exam is recognized globally. It is an English language proficiency test, which is used for a variety of purposes. The TOEIC or the Test of English for International Communication is an internationally accredited and standardized English language test designed by ETS (Education Testing Services) and is distributed in Germany by LTS.

TOEIC tests levels of English proficiency on a scale ranging from CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) level A1 – B2. TOEIC focuses on the use of English in the business world, so it’s ideal for people who use English in a professional context and seek an overall assessment of their English language skills. Companies all over the world accept TOEIC results as proof of English language skills.

In this article, we’re going to talk to you about sitting for the TOEIC exam in Germany. We’ll talk to you about things such as registration, finding exam dates and times, receiving your results and the fees. Also, we’ll let you know what GlobalExam can do to help you get yourself ready for the TOEIC exam.

NB: We have also written an article on where to take the TOEIC in Canada, Ireland, in the UKin the US  such as Portland city,  Korea or in America.

Test my level for free

Where can I take the test in Germany?

There is one official TOEIC test center in Germany. Its contact information is shown below: Never use an unofficial test center as your results may not be recognized. You should go to the ETS website and find the list of official exam centers. ETS is the agency that administers TOEIC:

Where can I take the test in Germany?

Dates, Prices, Results and Other Stuff

Register online with the exam center. Be careful what you register for as ETS has many different language exams, and there are different versions of TOEIC: TOEIC L&R (listening and reading), TOEIC S&W (speaking and writing) and TOEIC 4 Skills (listening, reading, writing and speaking).

Ascertain which TOEIC exam you require before you register.

Register for your TOEIC test through the exam center’s website. If you want to register in person, complete the downloadable TOEIC application form and submit it to the exam center in person. Remember that you will need to make your payment and have an officially acceptable form of ID. You must bring an official ID on your exam day as well since you could be refused entrance without proper ID.

The fee will vary according to which version of TOEIC you want to sit for, but always check with the exam center’s website; fees are subject to change from time to time. The TOEIC Listening and Reading test is around €125. For current fees for the TOEIC 4 Skills and TOEIC Speaking and Writing, check with the exam center in Berlin.

Information regarding times and dates of upcoming TOEIC exams is on the test center’s website.

Receiving the Results

Score Reports are only sent by post. They will not be communicated by phone, email nor fax. Which is why it might also be a good idea to learn how the scoring system works.

For the TOEIC Listening and Reading, and the TOEIC Bridge test, depending on the option you will choose when registering for the test, your score will be sent as follows:

  • Standard Scoring: by post between 10 and 15 working days after the exam date
  • Express Scoring: by post between 2 and 5 working days after the exam date
  • Super Express Scoring: delivered between 1 and 3 working days after the exam date

In some countries, online scoring is available. Inquire with your exam center. However, online scores may not be recognized for official use, so you still need your Score Report.

For the TOEIC Speaking and Writing exams, your Score Report will be sent to you by mail within a maximum of 8 working days.

TOEIC Training Online with GlobalExam

You’ll need to practice to get ready for your TOEIC exam. GlobalExam can help you. Here’s some of what we offer for TOEIC preparation: corrected exercises, practice exams, personalized progress tracking statistics, and multiple study paths. It’s all on our easy to navigate website.

Practice TOEIC for free

Yes, we offer some free practice materials! Practice for free on GlobalExam with our trial membership. Our free TOEIC package includes 4 free training exercises for both TOEIC Listening and TOEIC Reading.

GlobalExam is not a free TOEIC training platform; we offer some free samples to give you a taste of what we can do for you.

We provide high-quality, targeted training on an optimized platform that helps you prepare for the TOEIC exam and increase your potential mark.

Sure, there are free training websites out there for you to practice TOEIC, but the quality is low with too many ads, few exercises, and few resources for you to make use of. Your time will not be well spent.

With GlobalExam, we offer loads of authentic, targeted exercises and great supporting services to facilitate your TOEIC preparation.

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