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Step by step guide towards registration for TOEIC

GlobalExam is a training platform which is not linked to any institutions that manage the organisation of the official TOEIC exam. You can only register for the online TOEIC Listening and Reading exam (or Speaking and Writing) by going on the official ETS (Educational Testing Service) website.

Before registering, make sure you have a copy of you ID, bank card, personal details ready. Also make sure that you know the cost of the test before you start.

Note: the process can be slightly different regarding the country you are in. You can check our article on where to take the TOEIC in Canada, Ireland,UKGermany, USJapan and Korea.

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1. TOEIC Registration – ETS

On the homepage of the ETS website, choose the language in which you wish to carry out the registration. Go to the TOEIC tab then click on “For Test Takers” in order to follow the steps to register for the online TOEIC exam.

2. TOEIC Registration – ETS Global

You will be redirected towards the homepage of ETS: ETS GLOBAL. Click on “BUY NOW”.

3. TOEIC Registration – Commande

After having clicked on “BUY NOW”, click on “Register for the Test” which can also be “Book a test” in some countries. You will then find the steps you should follow to register online for the TOEIC exam.

4. TOEIC Registration – Preferences

To begin your online registration, you should select:

  • The test which you’re interested in
  • The exam centre where you’d like to sit the test
  • The date on which you’d like to sit the test
  • The earlier you register, the more chance you have of securing your preferred time and place to sit the TOEIC exam.

If you still have troubles choosing between tests, you can always find out the differences between the TOEIC and the TOEFL, as well as many others on our blog.

5. TOEIC Registration – Choose your session

Once you have entered your preferences, the ETS search engine will show you all the times and places available for you to sit the TOEIC exam, following your search criteria. You should then select the session of your choice by clicking on “Register”. ETS will tell you the amount of time you have left before registrations close for your chosen exam session.

6. TOEIC Registration – Summary page

Once you have chosen your preferred exam session, you will be shown a summary page which will display your chosen date and exam centre. You will even be shown an access plan so that you can find your exam centre. All this information is contained in the sidebar “Information on the session”

On the same page, you should fill in your personal information and complete the sidebar “Candidate Options”, by choosing the options which interest you.

The last sidebar to fill in on this page concerns discounts from which you can benefit. After this, you need to confirm that all your information is correct to access the next page.

7. TOEIC Registration – Payment

Once all your personal information is filled out, you must pay online for your registration. The payment can only be made by bank card. Check that your payment has been carried out correctly.

8. TOEIC Registration – Practice

You have now registered for the TOEIC exam!

Now that you have booked in to take the TOEIC, you need to keep studying. It’s the only way to get the score you want, and you will also be able to interpret it afterwards. GlobalExam can help with this. The training platform gives you access to materials to study English language and further develop your exam skills. We have an area where you can take a timed practice exam. You can also access  English vocabulary word list and grammar study sheets. This is very useful!

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