How do you go about registering for the TOEIC exam? You really do need to be clear about registration for an important exam as you could end up registering for a wrong version—yes, there is more than one version of TOEIC. 

In our blogs, you’ll find comparisons of TOEFL and TOEIC and IELTS and TOEIC, so you can decide which one to register for. Also, we have a blog that details the registration process for you. Then there’s a blog that deals with issues such as fees. We even have a blog that discusses how long your TOEIC exam score will be valid for. There’s a lot of good information in these blogs. 

Understanding the types of English language exams out there and what each one does is a first step in registration It isn’t a good idea to blindly sign up for an exam and pay the fee only to find out that another exam would have been a better choice for you. We recommend giving our blogs in this section a read before you actually register for anything. It’ll help you in making an informed choice and registration will be a painless process for you.