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TOEIC in the UK

TOEIC stands for Test of English for International Communication. It is an internationally accredited English proficiency exam, designed by ETS (Education Testing Services). The TOEIC exam is globally recognized and assesses a person’s English language proficiency.

TOEIC is often used by people for href="">employment since TOEIC deals with English as it is used in the business world. TOEIC assesses your English on a scale that is based on the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) levels A1 – B2: elementary to upper-intermediate levels. Companies of all sizes and business types recognize TOEIC results as valid proof of English language skills.

We’re going to look at taking the TOEIC exam in the UK, so we’ll talk about things such as registration, how to find exam dates and times, how results will be received and the fee for a TOEIC exam. Also, we’ll outline how GlobalExam can prepare you for the TOEIC exam.

NB: We have also written an article on where to take the TOEIC in London,CanadaGermany,Irelandin the US  such as Portland city,  Korea or in America.

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Where can I take the test in the UK?

  • Unfortunately, ETS is not offering TOEIC exams (or any other exam) in the UK at present. According to the ETS website, you should contact the Paris exam centre if you are in the UK and wish to take a TOEIC exam. The contact information is shown below:
  • ETS Global – France Office
    43-45, rue Taitbout
    75009 Paris, France
    Email:[email protected]

Where can I take the test in the UK?

Dates, Prices, Results and Fees

You can register online with the exam center, so you don’t have to hop on a plane and go to Paris just now. Make sure you register for the appropriate TOEIC exam as ETS has many different language exams, and there are different versions of TOEIC: TOEIC L&R (listening and reading), TOEIC S&W (speaking and writing), TOEIC Bridge and TOEIC 4 Skills (listening, reading, writing and speaking).

Remember that you will need to make payment online since you are in the UK and the exam centre is in Paris so debit, credit card, etc. is probably your best option for payment. You need to provide an official form of ID; you scan your ID and send it as a pdf normally, but check with the exam centre to be sure. If you are coming from the UK, then your passport will work well. You must bring official ID on the exam day since you could be denied admittance to the TOEIC exam without proper identification.

The fee varies, depending on the particular version of TOEIC that you want to sit for. You should always verify fees with the exam centre’s website; fees will change from time to time. The TOEIC Listening and Reading test is approximately €125 at the moment. For fees for the TOEIC 4 Skills and TOEIC Speaking and Writing, check with the exam centre in Paris.

Information for the times and dates of upcoming TOEIC exams can be found on the test centre’s website.

Receiving your Results

Score Reports will be mailed to you. They will not be communicated by phone or email, so don’t ask.

The TOEIC Listening and Reading, and the TOEIC Bridge tests, depending on the option you choose when registering for the test, will be mailed to you as follows:

Scoring OptionNumber of Days
Standard Scoringbetween 10 and 15 working days after the exam
Express Scoringbetween 2 and 5 working days after the exam
Super Express Scoring:between 1 and 3 working days after the exam

The TOEIC Speaking and Writing exam Score Report is mailed within a maximum of 8 working days after the exam date.

Online scoring is available in some locations. Ask at the exam centre. The online scores are not recognized for official purposes, so you will have need of the official score report through the mail.

Training for TOEIC with GlobalExam

The TOEIC exam isn’t easy for most people, so you will need plenty of practice to prepare. Here’s an outline of what we have for TOEIC exam preparation online:

  • Corrected exercises- quickly improve by learning from your mistakes
  • Mock exams- simulating actual TOEIC conditions, so you can get you used to the feel of the TOEIC exam
  • Progress Tracking Statistics- tracking your progress in real time, so you know where you should focus your attention
  • Personalized study paths- giving you options on how to study

Practice TOEIC for free

Practice free of charge on Global-Exam with our trial membership. Our free TOEIC stuff has the following for you:

TOEIC Listening: practice with 4 free training exercises

TOEIC Reading: practice with 4 free training exercises

Our free stuff will give you an idea of what we offer and do. We offer high-quality, optimized training on an attractive platform that is dedicated to language  exam preparation such as TOEIC. With GlobalExam, you will be able you to maximize your TOEIC score on your exam day

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