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The TOEIC assesses your English language skills in a professional context. It tests your listening and reading in English (and in some cases, speaking and writing). You can take the TOEIC in most major cities in North and South America, Central America, and the Caribbean region.

This article will provide an overview of the TOEIC, where to take it in the Americas, and how you can prepare for the test effectively online.

No matter your reason for taking the TOEIC, read along to find out how to register for the test just about anywhere!

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What is the TOEIC?

The TOEIC Listening & Reading is the most commonly taken version of the test; the TOEIC Speaking & Writing is no longer required to get your English proficiency certified. The score you get on the TOEIC is valid for two years.

To maximize your chances of getting a high score on the test, it is recommended to prepare for the TOEIC, no matter your current level of English. The test is highly standardized, which means you should be familiar with the predictable format and know what to expect from each section.

What is the TOEIC?

Book to prepare for the TOEIC test

Guideline for your online registration

Taking the test in the US

Registering for the must be done online and you cannot register directly with the testing center.

The TOEIC is administered by ETS, which is headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey, USA. If you plan to take the TOEIC in the United States, your first stop should be the ETS website. There, you can enter your personal information and select a date and location, then pay the fee instantly online. The TOEIC is given approximately once a month in most cities.

There are plenty of test centers all around the US in cities like NYC, BostonPortland,San José,San DiegoLos AngelesSeattleSan Francisco or regions like MichiganCalifornia and even in Hawaii.

Taking the test in Canada

In Canada, the registration process is similar to that in the United States. Just go to the Canadian ETS website and choose a date and location, then pay the test fee online!

Details about specific locations (address, start time – usually 10 a.m.) and the monthly test dates will be given fully on the website. Note that your registration will only be final once your test fee is paid in full to ETS! The test fee is the same no matter where you take the test and is set by ETS. The fee is currently approximately $170, but discounts may apply for students or other categories. All updated fees will be given upon registration by ETS.

Taking the test in Latin America

In most of Latin America, the TOEIC tests centers are determined by the local ETS Preferred Network office of that country. They are the local office responsible for accrediting the various testing centers within their territories. Visit the ETS Preferred Network (EPN) Office directory and select your country for contact information for your local ETS service administering the TOEIC.

Taking the TOEIC in all other countries

For all other countries and territories, you’ll need to contact ETS in Princeton, New Jersey, United States to find out if a public TOEIC session can be organized near you or whether you’ll need to travel to the nearest testing city.

Educational Testing Service
Rosedale Road
Princeton, NJ 08540, USA
Tel: +1 609 771 7170

No matter where you decide to sit the TOEIC test, space is limited and demand may vary considerably depending on the time of year, so be sure to complete the registration process at least 10 days before your chosen test date. You wouldn’t want to miss the deadline, so don’t take too long to decide!

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You can track your progress online and view your personal statistics as you work toward your score. All exercises and mock tests are designed by specialized instructors with English-language certification, so you can create your own, personalized TOEIC training.

You’ll also get vocabulary and grammar files, plus tips and tricks on how to manage your time efficiently during the test and maximize your chances of success.

When you sign up, you’ll get a free equivalent of a full mock TOEIC so you can explore our content and our platform, and while you’re at it, test your current level of English. Just select a target score and watch your progress as you work toward it. Let GlobalExam be your start to your international adventure, no matter where you are!