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Of all the tests of English language proficiency, the TOEIC is perhaps the world’s most recognized assessment of English for professionals. It comes in the form of a multiple-choice test, giving you a score from 0-990, which is used to give a numerical value to your level of English.

The TOEIC is required for foreign candidates to be admitted into thousands of academic institutions and companies, as well as to graduate from certain language programs, and can be a great way to boost your career. The good news is that TOEIC testing is available right here in New York City!

In this article, get our top picks on how to register for the TOEIC, where to take it in The Big Apple, and how best to prepare for the test to reach your target score. Let’s jump into it!

About the TOEIC?

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About the TOEIC?

The TOEIC is regarded as a fair and objective way to certify your comprehension of business English. The test contents focus on situations you would likely encounter in a working environment. Your TOEIC score can be used to tell your employer or admissions counselor that you have the level of English necessary for working knowledge in the professional field.

The TOEIC is produced exclusively and dispatched by ETS, which is headquartered in New Jersey. ETS is responsible for authorizing the TOEIC test centers all over the world, including several sites in New York City.

First, let’s look at where the test centers are located.

The TOEIC test centers in and near New York City

In Midtown Manhattan:    Embassy English
328 7th Avenue, 6th Floor
New York, NY 10001

In Murray Hill:                      IBEC
                                                       369 Lexington Avenue
Suite 300
New York, NY 10017

In New Jersey:                       Discovery Learning Center
                                                       222 Bruce Reynolds Blvd. #570
Fort Lee, NJ 07024

As you can see, these test centers are in language schools. Most are accessible via public transportation, and New York has some of the best in the world! Still, you should double-check the location and travel times to your destination, allowing for plenty of time – test call times are generally at 10 a.m. so don’t be late!

TOEIC tests are given once a month, usually on Saturdays. The test centers may offer several sessions on the same day depending on demand. Demand is usually higher near school application deadline times in the spring. Some people prefer to retake the TOEIC several times to get their highest score, so allow time for this as well, if applicable.

Speaking of the demand, note that seats are always limited, so we recommend that you register well in advance – at least a month ahead of time and up to 10 days before the test date.

Luckly, there are plenty of test centers all around the US in cities like Boston, Portland,San José,San Diego, Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco or regions like Michigan, California and even in Hawaii or in the Americas

Now, let’s look at the TOEIC registration process.

How to register for the TOEIC

Regardless of which site you choose to take the TOEIC, you’ll need to sign up to take the test on the ETS website. All of the test locations in the country are listed there. Under “Order,” you can book your TOEIC test by first selecting the state (New York or New Jersey), then your nearest testing center. Be sure you choose “TOEIC Listening & Reading, Public Session” since this is most likely the test you’ll need.

Enter all your identification details to create an account with ETS and select the date you want to sit the test. This is when all the information about the test day will be displayed: appointment time, address, required documentation, and so on. You’ll need to bring some form of official valid identification that has the same name you use to sign up with ETS.

What is the price of the test?

Note that in order to finalize your registration for the TOEIC, your test fee needs to be received by ETS. This can be done easily and instantly online. The fee is currently around $130 (subject to change) to take the TOEIC Listening & Reading version, but discounts may apply for students or other categories of test-takers.

You also have some options you may want to purchase. The base fee includes a single score report sent to you and up to four organizations. Additional score reports can be ordered for a fee. Scores will be processed and sent out in approximately one week. Three-day rush service is also available.

Prepare to take your TOEIC with GlobalExam

To succeed at the TOEIC, GlobalExam advises that you prepare seriously and consistently. You should use your entire time you have left to prepare for the test in short yet regular training sessions. Of course, you should also plan on break times to let your brain “take it all in”!

The best test preparation is a varied one, so in addition to simply improving your English overall, plan on taking at least one mock TOEIC test that follows the actual format. This will give you an idea of your current level and where you should focus your studying.

GlobalExam will help you throughout your preparation process. On the GlobalExam platform, you’ll find TOEIC exercises with more than 60 hours of practice material, including grammar and vocabulary files and five full-length TOEIC Listening & Reading mock tests. You can monitor your progress using your own statistics and watch your score rise as you train!

Take a full-length mock TOEIC free of charge when you sign up to try out GlobalExam. Let us help you on your international adventure starting in New York and help you reach your target score on the TOEIC!