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Countless top companies, schools, and language programs the world over depend on the TOEIC Listening & Reading results as a fair and objective way to certify English proficiency. Universities all over Michigan require foreign students to reach a score of around 600-700 on their TOEIC for admission, so we strongly recommend preparing fully for the TOEIC.

Once you’re prepared, you’ll be ready to take the test and reach your target score. If you’re in Michigan or passing through, where can you take the TOEIC? This blog post is for you!

You’ll need to take the TOEIC in one of dozens of accredited testing centers in the United States, including in the state of Michigan. Find out where these locations are below.

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The TOEIC testing locations in Michigan

There are three TOEIC testing centers in Michigan, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to get to one of them. Public TOEIC Listening & Reading tests are administered at the following sites:

The first site is in Canton at SLS Associates, LLC, Plymouth High School 8400 N. Beck Road, Canton, MI 48187. This western Detroit-area location features modern equipment to take the TOEIC in the best conditions.

Then, there’s the center in Dearborn at Alpha Technical Institute, 6050 Greenfield Road, Suite 202,  Dearborn, MI 48126. The Alpha Technical Institute is located near Detroit just west of Interstate 94.

Finally, there’s the location at Novi at Koby Learning Center, 24055 Meadowbrook Road, Novi, MI 48375-3456. The Koby Learning Center is one of the most in-demand TOEIC testing centers in the American Midwest, so they offer lots of test dates to choose from.

The TOEIC testing locations in Michigan

There are plenty of test centers all around the US in cities like NYC, BostonPortland,San José,San DiegoLos AngelesSeattleSan Francisco or region like California and even in Hawaii or in the Americas

Register on time!

Once you choose which location is best for you, you’ll need to decide which date you want to take the test. Scheduled test dates are listed when you register (see below) and are generally once a month in Michigan.

Note that demand may be high depending on the time of year, usually around filing deadline times for colleges in the spring. If you wish, you can take the TOEIC several times to have only your best score reported, so allow for plenty of time when you register!

The fee to take the TOEIC in a public session, no matter where you take it, is currently around $130, but discounts may apply for students and other categories of test-takers.

Next, we’ll explain how to register for the TOEIC test and find out which dates and locations are currently valid.

How to register to take the TOEIC

Regardless of the location you choose in the end to take the TOEIC, your first stop for registration will be the website of ETS, the organization that creates and distributes the TOEIC test and also which authorizes the local test administration centers. Search for a testing center and date right for you and be sure to choose “TOEIC Listening & Reading – Public Session.”

Depending on the time of year and the center location, sessions with available seats will be listed. For example, when you select “Michigan,” you’ll see the dates available in the three Michigan locations, then you can proceed to create an account with ETS and pay the fee to finalize your registration.

Preparing for the TOEIC

Now that you’re registered, it’s time to start studying! First of all, you need to choose how you want to prepare for the TOEIC. This all depends on you. Some test-takers prefer to revise using prep material in print or online with audio CDs or files on their own time, while some prefer to enroll in more formal classes or intensive training. Several language schools offer in-person TOEIC test preparation in Michigan, including the three testing sites, of course.

Then, there’s the option of preparing online with an interactive platform such as GlobalExam. A good way to start is to take our free full-length mock TOEIC exam so you know where your level of English is currently and where you need to study most to get a great score on the TOEIC.

Train with GlobalExam

GlobalExam is an online platform offering more than 60 hours of training materials with 6,000 practice questions ranked in order of difficulty. You’ll also get up to five complete practice TOEIC tests to familiarize yourself with the timing and format of the real thing. The best part is a personal statistics function so you can track your progress.

You’ll even get vocabulary and grammar revision specific to the TOEIC material to improve your English level overall.

The platform is divided into two main sections:

  • The Training mode lets you boost your general English skills and work on TOEIC-specific test-taking skills through exercises designed to prepare you for the various sections of the TOEIC. It’s like going to the gym for your English!
  • Then, there’s the Exam mode, where you can take one of five full-length mock TOEIC tests in real conditions, that is, timed and following the same level of difficulty as the real test.

GlobalExam provides several concise vocabulary and grammar sheets including verb conjugation revisions specific to the TOEIC content. You’ll see valuable tips and tricks on how to manage your time efficiently during the test. Don’t miss out on these great features as soon as you sign up and log in with GlobalExam!

When you sign up with GlobalExam’s free trial offer, we’ll give you your practice TOEIC for free so you can find out your current English level and define your learning objectives with us. Sign up with GlobalExam today and let your international adventure start in Michigan with us!