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Nowadays, the TOEIC has become a must-have certification useful in many situations. If you’re a student and have always wanted to study abroad to an English-speaking country or if you plan on starting a career in an international company that uses English, getting a good score on the TOEIC is one way to prove to a university admissions counselor or company hiring officer that your level of English is good enough!

Understanding English in a professional context is becoming an increasingly important skill, especially in the world of business. The TOEIC is one of the best types of certification to use proof to show an employer. GlobalExam has an extensive TOEIC training program so you can prepare for TOEIC excellence and prepare for the test in the best situation.

If you’re in San Jose or the rest of Silicon Valley and need to take the TOEIC for any reason, this article will guide you in your registration and preparation process.

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TOEIC dates and sessions in San Jose

Several sessions are organized and scheduled all year long in San Jose. To find out the exact dates of TOEIC sessions in San Jose, you’ll first need to visit the ETS website, which determines the TOEIC test dates.

TOEIC dates and sessions in San Jose

Luckly, there are plenty of test centers all around the US in cities like BostonPortland,NYC,San DiegoLos AngelesSeattleSan Francisco or regions like MichiganCalifornia and even in Hawaii or in the Americas

How to register

Registering for the TOEIC is a simple, one-time procedure, whether you want to take the TOEIC in San Jose or elsewhere.

All of the test locations in the country are listed there. Under “Register,” you can book your TOEIC test by first selecting the state (California), then your nearest testing center. Be sure you choose “TOEIC Listening & Reading, Public Session” since this is in all likelihood the one you need.

Enter all your personal details to open an account with ETS and select the date you want to sit the test. This is when all the information about the test day will be displayed: call time (generally 10 a.m.), location address, required documentation, and so on. You’ll need to bring at least 2 forms of official valid identification bearing the same name you used to sign up with ETS.

What is the price of the test?

Remember: to finalize your registration for the TOEIC, your test fee needs to be received by ETS. This can be done easily and instantly online. The fee is currently around $130 (subject to change) to take the TOEIC Listening & Reading version, but discounts may apply for students or other categories of test-takers.

You also have some options you may want to purchase. The base fee includes a single score report sent to you and up to four organizations. Additional score reports can be ordered for a fee. Scores will be processed and sent out in approximately one week. A three-day rush service is also available.

TOEIC tests are given once a month, usually on Saturdays. The test centers may offer several sessions on the same day depending on demand. Demand is usually higher near school application deadline times in the spring. Some people prefer to retake the TOEIC several times to get their highest score, so allow time for this as well, if applicable.

Speaking of the demand, note that seats are always limited, so we recommend that you register well in advance – at least a month ahead of time and up to 10 days before the test date.

The testing center in San Jose

San Jose and the greater Silicon Valley area currently has only one accredited TOEIC testing location, so the choice shouldn’t be too difficult!

San Jose State University
Dudley Moorehead Hall
1 Washington Square
San Jose, CA 95192

As one of the leading suppliers of undergraduate and graduate workers to Silicon Valley tech firms, San Jose State University is ideally located in the middle of downtown San Jose. It is conveniently located between Interstate 280 and Highway 101.

How to prepare for TOEIC success

After you sign up and before your chosen test date, it is highly recommended to prepare and train to maximize your chances at success.

Taking any test can be a stressful time for anyone, so here are our tips on how to use your time leading up to your test wisely:

  • First of all, of course, you need to train for your test. There’s no substitute for regular study sessions, no matter what your current level of English may be. You might feel that you already speak English “perfectly,” but since the TOEIC is highly standardized, you should become familiar with the format and timing of each section of the test.
  • Next, get enough rest. There’s nothing worse than arriving at an exam center exhausted, having crammed all night, and not being able to concentrate on the test because you’re so tired. We also suggest listening to as much English as possible a few days before you take the TOEIC (radio, TV shows, etc.) to get used to listening to various English accents.
  • On the day of the test, dress comfortably and appropriate to the weather. Being too cold or hot during the test is an easy distraction to eliminate.
  • Finally, don’t forget to eat something before taking the test. Bring a bottle of water and perhaps a light snack to fuel up during the sections of the test.

The best test preparation is a varied one, so in addition to simply improving your English overall, plan on taking at least one mock TOEIC test that follows the actual format. This will give you an idea of your current level and where you should focus your studying.

GlobalExam will help you throughout your preparation process. On the GlobalExam platform, you’ll find TOEIC exercises with more than 60 hours of practice material, including grammar and vocabulary files and five full-length TOEIC Listening & Reading mock tests. You can monitor your progress using your own statistics and watch your score rise as you train!

Take a full-length mock TOEIC free of charge when you sign up to try out GlobalExam. Let us help you on your international adventure starting in New York and help you reach your target score on the TOEIC!