In this section, we provide various blogs which will help you learn English.

You want to learn English because it’s the most spoken language in the world. Many countries have adopted it as their first language because it’s the one that goes beyond local life, it’s a key to communication.

You want to travel abroad, then you’ll need to speak english because it’s the most spoken language everywhere. Today, people are used to taking the plane to go on holidays and it’s even more and more often that we go and live somewhere else than in our country of birth. So, learning English has become a major asset for everyone. Here, you’ll find blogs and scripts that depict everyday life and, at the same time, include you in the process to test and improve your fluency, and to broaden your vocabulary. With them, you’ll find pleasure and entertainment with high quality content. So just take a little time to read the blogs !


You were a bit disappointed with the way you learned english at school ? Here you’re going to see it otherwise. Do you want your children to be acquainted with learning english ? It’s better to begin when you are very young. Kids are easily drawn by games and they know all about new techs, we have taken this into account. Our online methods are very attractive and playful, our aim is for you to gain confidence and acquire fluency with a lot of fun; our scripts put in situational topics of everyday life in a very refreshing way, nothing to do with dull classes at school.

Our review sheets are available to guide you step by step in learning General English. Our staff will be answering your questions in detail. Do the exercises, they will be corrected with a lot of care.

Our formula is new, dynamic and flexible. We keep up with new techs and we are proud to be one of the most up to date online training. We are confident that you’ll find a lot of help and motivation in reading these blogs. GlobalExam aims to be the best and committed online english teacher for you and your kids !

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